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  1. Hi all After looking through these forums i've found a badge for the front grille of my auris sr180, it comes under the following: Part number for the toyota motorsport front grill badge is : PZ439T949301 Called toyota motorsport grill emblem Picture here: Would i be able to get one of these from my local dealer? Or Parts King, i'm coming down to Queensferry for my second service in the next couple of months, would you be able to get me one in? Let me know anyway. Cheers.
  2. Nobody recently got a front skirt and side skirts? I'm sure Parts King posted a quote for them somewhere in this thread, i'll take a look.
  3. Saying that looking at the front grill of mine, it's a bit smaller so may not suit a badge or it may not fit. Anyway worth asking the question.
  4. Hi all, Excellent forums, i always find myself loggin on every day just to see what fellow Auris owners have found. I am looking at giving my silver Auris SR180 an even more sportier look, I am looking at getting the front skirt and maybe the side skirts as well. I've also considered the twin exhausts and rear skirt but it's out of my price range at the moment. I've seen a few pictures of people's cars with the skirts on and i was just wondering where's the cheapest place to get them from? Parts King, as i got the car from you guys, i'm very interested in what prices you could come up with. (let me know for the rear skirt and exhausts as well for future reference). If anyone else has any advice on where to get them from then post away. Oh one last thing, i've seen on another forum a Toyota Motorsport front grill badge (from TTE i think), how do i go about getting one of those and any ideas on prices? (Parts King this may be your ball park again). Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hi All I've had my SR180 for a few months now and i absolutely love it! Just one quick question. My windscreen seems to mist up very easily. now i'm not sure if this is down to the weather outside or conditions inside. I've tried no fan, low fan, high fan, changing the mode to the windscreen heater symbol but nothing seems to work. Yesterday i was driving to work with the fan off and all was fine. It started to rain and after a few minutes my windscreen started to mist up. Despite putting the fan on etc it seems the only way to get a clear windscreen is by putting the air con on. Which is ok now and again but not all the time. I'm wondering whether it is the humidity outside compared to inside etc but just wondered if anyone else has any suggestions? I just find it a bit strange that on my old Nissan i could leave it on low fan and temperature 24/7 hardly ever use the air con and the windscreen would never steam up. Any thoughts would be appreciated, definitely hasn't put me off the car though!!!!
  6. As has been put previously, i took mine back to the dealer and it was a software issue, they upgraded the software and since then i haven't had this problem occuring. Every now and again i am speaking to someone and all of a sudden it starts hissing and i can't hear the other person anymore. Think it may be a dodgy bluetooth connection as it only happens every now and again. Apart from that it works great!
  7. Sorry i didn't make it clear. It does pair automatically when i get in the car, no problems there at all, just when i turn off the ignition. I haven't got sat nav in mine, just the tech pack.
  8. I've just tried it again after adding a contact verbally and when i turn the ignition off the woman comes on saying 'Phone set up say..........' and then gets cut off. I switched the ignition back on, pair with my phone, then held down the mode button. The woman came on saying 'phone set up say a command' I said exit, she then says 'good bye' I turn the ignition off and she comes on saying 'Redialling' and makes my phone redial before disconnecting???? Definitely strange goings on, anyone else had this problem?
  9. Well i finally got my SR180 from Lindop and am really really pleased with it! Cheers guys! I've installed my iPod no probs at all and then paired my N73 with the bluetooth hands free, again no problems. One thing that is a bit strange and i'm wondering if anyone has an idea/solution to this: I get in the car, pair my phone fine but when i turn the ignition off after driving the woman comes on saying 'Redialling' which is the last thing i did with the hands free. This then disconnects from my N73 but still redials the last number on my phone? This also happened before when i turned the ignition off the woman came on saying 'phone setup' as if there is something in the memory when i turn the engine off. I didn't set up the language first as it was already in english, should i have done this or is there anything i need to do to stop the hands free kicking in whenever i switch the ignition off? I'm hoping at some point it will just disconnect from my phone and not keep coming up with something. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Well i had a good chat with them down in Lindop. They couldn't quite match the price but when i take into consideration what they will give me in part ex, and the PCP option they came up with it wasn't too far off so will take the plunge with them. One last question, i'm undecided about colour, it's either the Silver Steel or the Decuma Grey. Anyone have either of the above and can recommend it etc? I am leaning towards the silver as i think it complements the blacked out windows really well (Plus the one i took out was a silver one and i really liked the look of it) Even though most of my family say the grey looks nicer! (Typical) I know at the end of the day it comes down to what i want but i just wondered if anyone can sway me either way. Thanks
  11. That doesn't surprise me, I've never found that you get a favourable response from 'cold calling' a dealer for a price. I'm looking around at buying a car and called a dealer I've dealt with in the past this very morning and got a lukewarm response, I jumped in the car and drove there and things were totally different. ;) As for saying that no dealer would be able to match the F & F price I think that that is rubbish - the likes of Drivethedeal are doing the SR180 5 door in metallic with Tech Pack for £15,999 - I suspect that the F & F prices are the normal fleet prices as offered by the Internet dealers. Obviously, you have to take into account your part-ex, finance and any other enticements available but there are good deals there to be had. Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your car when you get it. BTW: There are large scale roadworks at the end of the M56 as you head into Wales, assuming the layout hasn't changed in the past couple of days I'd stay right after the temporary traffic lights at the end of the M56 and head toward Wales and then leave the A550 at Queensferry taking the right hand turn from the roundabout (last exit -B5129) and then immediately into the RH lane to turn right at the traffic lights into Queensferry, follow that road and Lindops are on your right as you approach the 'blue bridge'. Watch yourself in the speed traps in the roadworks (40 MPH). Andy Andy you're a star, thanks for that, i'll make sure i take your advice about the route. I see what you mean about cold calling, 99% of the dealers like to do things face to face but i think it's a shame as due to him being so negative on the phone may have lost him a potential £16000 sale. Would have ben interesting to see his reaction if i had gone in and asked! It's funny you should mention Drivethedeal as i have just got a quote from them (the amount you stated) so i'm going to take that along with me as well, just to show i have done the research and know what i would like to pay for me car. As a side note have you or anyone you know of had any experience of places like Drivethedeal? It all looks good on paper, though their PCP options/quotes have a higher APR rate. I'm sure there's a better PCP offer to be had at Lindop so will see what they have got to say.
  12. Well the phone call has been made! (Peter Wright laughed when i mentioned your name Parts King!) He said he had a similar situation recently and even though the price couldn't quite be matched, with other discounts and the finance offers it worked out cheaper going through him. So i've got his mobile number and going to pop down on Thursday and see what he can offer me. I also phoned the Oakmere branch. I was told straight away in no uncertain terms that they can't match the friends and family discount price and that no Toyota dealer would be able to do so don't bother phoning around! He just said if he was me he would buy it from my brother in law! Loads of help there then! So Parts King i'm coming down to your patch on Thursday, keeping everything crossed that i'll walk away a happy man :)
  13. Thanks for that AndyG, i'll definitely keep them in mind. Going to phone Lindop tomorrow give them first shot and see what they can do. Oakmere will be 2nd if they get a chance.................... ;)
  14. Many thanks for all your advice and help bjw, it really is appreciated, Keep it coming!!! Took a look at the review, it's the one i'm going to go for. I'm definitely going to phone round and see what the dealers can give, though going by a lot of people's reviews, those lindop boys seem to be well worth a shout. I phoned up the dealer in Stockport (only as it's just down the road from work) and they said they couldn't quite match it but would go 'a long way to getting it close to that price'. You were right though, they wanted me to pop into the branch to chat and see what they can do. I'm looking at getting some options as well such as the tech pack, cargo nets, parcel storage shelf and boot liner so i'm sure there is something to be done/made on them especially if they can't quite match the price. Couple that with my part-ex, a servicing deal thrown in and a cracking finance/PCP deal and the temptation may well be too much!! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Parts king! ha ha) I'm off Thursday so may well phone up Peter Wright from Lindop on Monday and see if they can match or at least get extremely close and if so i'll take a trip down. Put a good word in for me Parts King
  15. Thanks for the reply. I think i get what you are saying, so if it's say £2500 trade price for mine, i deduct that from the cost of the car i can get from my brother in law ie £15,595 (no options) - £2500 which would give me my cost to change price (Around £13,095) If this is correct it gives me a ball park figure to work with anyway. (if i'm wrong please correct me) Finding a value for mine is quite difficult though, there's such a variation from website to website. I aint sure if any dealer will match it but i'm sure there are discounts to be had elsewhere to bring the overall price nearer to it.
  16. Yeah i agree, i don't see the harm of saying to a dealer, here's what i can get one for, can you get close to it or get some discounts in other areas if not the main price (options, service deals etc) Will i get different offers in finance deals between dealer and toyota direct or is it a set standard? I've tried phoning the above number but it keeps coming back with 'the caller has hung up' Will keep trying incase it's just busy etc Cheers for all your advice. Oh one last question, i'm looking at getting the following options with the SR180: Cargo nets, parcel shelf storage box and boot liner. Any idea on prices for these? (gives me a better idea on final price) I've tried phoning some dealers but they need a car reg or chassis number.
  17. PS Parts-King, you seem like the main man on here, what do you reckon? Would it be worth the drive from here in St Helens to come and see you guys down at Lindop Brothers?!
  18. Well the time has come and i'm looking at getting a new car and have settled on the Auris SR180. I'm after some advice from all you experienced Auris owners out there. I have two options: 1) My brother in law works for Toyota down at Burnaston and can get me friends and family discount for one. (Pros - Good discount, Cons - No part ex, less haggling opportunities) 2) Go to a dealer and see what they an do for me. (Pros - Part Ex, more haggling opportunities, Cons - Discount may not be as much) The price i can get an SR180 for, through my brother in law, with the tech pack and a few other little options is around £16,110. All sounding good but i was looking at putting mine in part ex (only a 52 plate Nissan Almera but every little helps) to help with the deposit. Going this way i'll have to look at selling mine either to a dealer or privately as i would be buying it from Toyota direct. ie the amount i would get would be less The advantages i would have with going to a dealer would be able to put mine in part ex and negotiating a price and maybe bargaining over any options etc and getting the price as low as i can. I'm probably going to go along the PCP route though i am also looking at getting a bank loan and then buying it outright. (I change my mind daily on this one!) What are people's opinions? Would i even come close to to that price at a dealer or is it worth me going via the brother in law? If anyone has any experience of buying a car direct from Toyota let me know how it went, is there still any room for getting it a little bit cheaper? Any advice/suggestions would be really appreciated and would put my mind at rest once and for all.