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  1. Here we go,, I drive a 01 Corolla, since a camry is just a oversized corolla this should work,, i took a small screwdriver, wrapped with a cloth or somtin as to not scratch the trim, this would make you sick to look at, anyway take the screwdriver and pry the edge of the trim up it should just pop up then you can pull it out,, good luck
  2. 2001 Corrolla S, when my bass hits my trunk rattles, I tried the weather strip around the rim, and dynamat on the lid,, but I think my spoiler is rattlin, any ideas on how to prevent or stop this f*ckin rattle,,, any ideas would be great thanks :arrgg-matey:
  3. opps forgot the details,, i was in a hurry, 2001 Corolla S, 1.8 wit bout 130HP
  4. I have a 2001 Corolla and, as anyone would, want to maximize the horsepower, i read about p-chips increasing horsepower but are they worth it? Do they make em for Corollas? Where can i get it? Any other tips or tricks for increasing horsepower would be great! Thanks
  5. You could try another little cheaper route,, buy a campacitor. it goes between your battery and amp, it allows for your amp to pull major power without puttin strain on your stock alternater, it also prevents that annoyin dimmin when rockin late at night happy huntin may i suggest two 12s with atleast 400watt amp
  6. i put two rockford 12s in my trunk, it rocked, i then replaced my back seat with the subs the truck actin as the box,, it rocks even louder, if you put subs in the trunk consider puttin a port hole or two in the back deck it helps prevent compression inside the trunk and prevents rattle,,, maybe too little too late
  7. i have a 01 corolla, this worked for me,, the rear speaker covers are tacked to the back deck,, so i had to remove the entire back deck,, but it was easy it just pops up wit a little pull good luck
  8. Pioneer good choice, i have a 01 corolla and a camary is just a bigger version, when i replaced my speakers, with a rockford fosgate fanatic, i had to remove the entire carpeted peice in the back deck the speaker covers where glued, it should just pop off with a little help, i had to remove the door panel to access the door speakers, not for sur about your tweeters, good luck, may i suggest rockford fosgate, if you feel like cuttin to size, put 6X9s in the back, two twelves wit atleast a 400watt amp will give you plenty of bass
  9. I have a 2001 corolla and upgraded all speakers, the door speakers 5.25 with 6 in the back, i recommend rockford fosgate they rock, if your mom will let you, you can remove the back seat and put two twelve inch subs with the truck actin as the box it takes a little work but will rock...