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  1. Thanks for the information anchoman
  2. got the flaps from my local toyota dealer who i bought the car from, so i would have thought they would have given me the right ones, in hind sight i should have got them to put mudflaps on before i bought the car
  3. Thanks for the reply's, did offer the mudflaps up to the wheel arch and the screw holes were in different a position , will have another look at the weekend,
  4. s m smith

    Mud Flaps

    Well after 6 very happy years with my corolla i decided trade it in and take the plunge and get a rav , it came with no mudflaps so i have decided to fit them myself, i picked them up from my local toyota dealer yesterday, i have had a quick look at how to fit them but it looks like i need to drill some holes, obviously i really dont want to be doing that, has anyone fitted them , and did you need to drill holes to attach them to the vehicle
  5. Check to see if the windscreen washer tube leading to the nozzles is not kinked, that's what happened to me once, the kink slows the flow of water through the tube
  6. Of all of the things I miss the most, my wife says the toilet is the most annoying.
  7. I'm not saying my wife's a fat !Removed!.. But when I first met her, I thought I'd pulled twins.
  8. My grandfather's always telling people he's 'in touch with his inner self'. He carries out his own prostate examinations
  9. I was quite chuffed when this hot bird threw a wink in my direction at the pub last night Turns out she was having a stroke.
  10. My girlfriend said we can do anything you want after s*x.... So I phoned her a cab
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