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  1. Anyone got the fitting/removal guide for the starter the link above doesn't work anymore? The recon one has lasted 4 years!
  2. Well I turned the stuck pin alot and it got warm from the friction of twisting, but didn't want to slide out by hand. I'm going to order a replacement before I use more forceful methods and possibly knacker it.
  3. Hi All Just done the brake pads on our Rav 4.3 XT4 D4D and it appears one of the guide/slide pins on the passenger side caliper isn't sliding in or out. The weird thing is it turns, but doesn't slide. Any idea how you get them out, and where you get new ones? Cheers Simon
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. One thing someone told me recently is that a catalytic converter is not a UK legal requirement for a diesels. So de-cating my Rav might be an option, but not sure if this is true! Anyhow once Christmas is out the way I'll be going for one of those Eurocarparts middle boxes and see how that works out.
  5. The box is too thin to weld so i've been told today. So far I've found two options on line: This one on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/181934530117?clk_rvr_id=1124650779168&vectorid=229508&lgeo=1&item=181934530117&rmvSB=true An this one on Eurocarparts: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Toyota_Rav-4_2.2_2006/p/car-parts/exhausts/car-body-parts-and-car-exhaust/exhaust-parts/?704821251&1&0597a3e8223f2a924be6975a659737d6e4b820c0&000430 Has anyone used either, whats the quality like?
  6. Hello All Long time since I have been on here, our Rav4 has now hit 188k miles and the centre box has just gone on the exhaust. It's rusted around the rear seam of the box and is blowing a bit. Does anyone know if someone makes an after market centre box to replace the original? I remember the list price from Toyota was potty money so just wondered if the likes of Bosal have an offering to keep us motoring. Cheers Simon
  7. So the gearbox oil filter doesn't need replacing when you change the oil then as it isn't deemed a serviceable part?
  8. Hi My father inlaw has a 2012 Landcruiser with the 3 litre engine and we want to do an oil change on the gearbox. We've tried to source an oil filter for the gearbox but we are getting some bonkers prices from Toyota (£130+VAT!!). Does anyone know how much the oil filter for the gearbox should be and are there any after market suppliers? Thanks in advance. Simon
  9. Get the clutch done at the same time it's worth it.
  10. Hi Chaps and Chapesses My Rav4 2 button key circa 2007 has seen better days the rubber is splitting and I need to replace the key body. Now I know theres loads of two button covers on ebay but none seem to be an exact match to mine. Mine has the two buttons beneath one rubber cover the size of the key body not two individual separate buttons. Anyone know where I can get an exact match so I can just swap the electronics and metal key over? (An don't say Toyota!)
  11. My 2 button key body housing the buttons and battery has seen better days so I want to replace it. But all the ones on flea bay seem to have a physical two buttons format. Mine has a sort of rubber cover the width and length of the key body. Anyone know if you can get these and where from?
  12. Oh balls back to the scrappy again for me then, thanks for feedback.
  13. I need a new rear passenger door after it was modified by a fence post. I found a T180 door in the right colour but it has the plastic arch trim. Before I buy it I need to know how the arch trim is attached and when removed does it leave a mark or holes?
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