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  1. Interesting... I didn't appreciate how many other people would do the conversion... ( if I understand correctly... ) The wheels I currently have on mine are S/H from a Lexus... ( sorry, but I can't remember exactly which one...)
  2. very good.. Only thing is... I do wonder what you were looking for to find that ?? lol
  3. Oh dear... what a muppet... Good quality picture... did you capture the reg number ? I've got a dash cam in the RAV.. makes interesting watching sometimes.. :censor:
  4. Fantastic news... Congrats to you both.. Have you decided on a name for her ?
  5. But I only asked for a mini-valet whilst I was in shopping... How do I explain that to the insurance company.... lol
  6. Would/could the rear mud flaps from a Toyota LC fit ? or be adapted to fit ?
  7. Ok, Charlie, Not yet ordered the MagiFoam, so What Shampoo would you recommend? I like those Tubs as well . . .but that price!! . . . And another 6 Quid for Postage!! BUMP! . . . Just so it doesn't get lost in the hilarity Yes, not cheap... I guess postage expensive due to size... You can buy just the taps... so probably not difficult for you guys to make one yourselves.. ( especially if you remember programs like Blue Peter etc ) lol...
  8. Happy Birthday... hope you have a great day... :)
  9. Yes, was reading about it earlier... so sad what happened... Reading this thread, and thinking of Chrimbo prezzie for Mr O'Hare.. What about something like this ? was thinking you could fill with warm water ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121076932695?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_11795wt_932 Not as good as the fantastic set-up Charlie has, but thought it would be ok and easy to use ?
  10. PM sent... any chance of a pic before I decide ? lol... !Removed!'s not allowed on the site. Awww... I was looking forward to seeing a pair of knobbly knees in a kilt... lol..
  11. That's one fantastic looking RAV.. I for one will be interested to know how you get on with them...
  12. PM sent... any chance of a pic before I decide ? lol...
  13. Talking of birds, and cars... . Where Mr O'Hare works they did have peacocks... and if your car was clean, they could see their reflection, and would attack it !! Apparently very fuuny to watch, but not if your car.. TBH... I don't expect I'll go for the sunroof... but it was interesting to know you can get one fitted, if wanted. Would be interesting if the car in the pics belongs to a member on here..
  14. For those who miss having a sunroof in their car.. you can have one fitted !! Found these pics of a RAV with Webasto 900 fitted.. Does this RAV belong to anyone on here ? Anyone else tempted ?
  15. Thank-you... Also, freshly washed using the Charlie winter method... It was mud brown colour before... lol Still thinking of a sunroof soon... Would like to know if anyone has fiited a Webasto Hollandia 735 in their RAV..
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