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  1. Happy Birthday ninosport!

  2. The exhaust system is acutally 1 piece but you can order it in 2 pieces maybe 3 if you are really lucky. The cat is part of the middle section and thats why that part costs alot. Depending on whats rusting you might get away with just a backbox which if you just want something on it and not bothered what then you can get them for about £50. If you want a Toyota one it will set you back about £200 or so.
  3. I dont know much about the SR 1.8 but I think the TS would be quicker. Off the line the TS is lighter so should get to 60 quicker. Mine does it in mid 8s easily. On a running start id say the SR would pull away just cause its got more torque and power also top, top end I think the SR has a higher top speed and probably pulls better from 110 - 120+ mph Overall Id say it depends on the driver/s of the car/s. I know plenty of people who cant drive no matter drive fast.
  4. You can get one from Toyota for around £150 but the labour charge is about £100 an hour. I wouldnt bother doing that though. Go to your local exhaust place and you'll be able to get a back box for about £60. If you ask them for a non loud back box Im sure theyll have one.
  5. The Mk1 P2 models have a distance mpg to tell you when you are going to run out. The MK1 P1 models dont have this function but Im sure you might be able to install it if you wished but theres no point really cause arent always correct. I just use the good old fashion way of seeing how much is in my tank and seeing how many miles Ive done. I normally put in 25 litres and get about 200 miles.
  6. That does seem a little strange but it depends on how you were driving. You can get as little as 10mpg if you thrash it in 2nd everywhere. I used up half a tank once within 70 miles cause I was giving it some stick.
  7. It could be something in your brakes. Have you looked? If it stops happening when you brake then it either somethings up with them or you wheels. If your ever in Yorkshire I can have a look.
  8. You would have to take it up with the guy mate. I think that he has just sold it and he was on the other yaris club. Also if you watch this and the part 2 it shows that the CTS does 0-40 quicker than the CTR proving the point that how can it take another 3 secs to get from 40 to 60.
  9. Things you have to consider are what conditions the 0-60 was taken in. MY YTS in good weather quater tank did it in 8.5secs. Also Its not how much power you have its how its used and where it comes it. The YTS with a Turbo will loose its power as it goes along the revs. Dont get me wrong I personnally think the figure they give of 8secs 0-60 is wrong cause I know someone who has a supercharged TS with 140bhp and he can beat Civic Type-Rs. I know that a turbo is different but from say 6.5 secs to 8 secs is a massive difference. Anyways dont get to hung up about it. Go test drive one and see what you can do with it. 1 other thing look at the 0-60 times for a Corolla TS 187bhp and it does it in 8secs even thought a type r has 10bhp it does it in 6.5. Paper figures are not what they make out to be.
  10. As far as I know theres something to do with the cat, like a sensor which is meant to make the car a little slower but I couldnt notice when Ive been in a p2. The interior is different as well has diff vents, dails and door handles and a few other things. Id say depending on your bugdet get a mint p1 they look better. Just dont get black cause it always gets dirty and looks really bad when its not cleaned or thunder grey/ silver cause its really common. The red and the blue are very nice or if you want to be special get a Gold one they are oober rear.
  11. The highest I got in the YTS also including giving it the beans from time to time was 38.6mpg but I have had it up at 39.3mpg
  12. The civic is heavier though so it wont feel as fast as a Yaris to bare that in mind. For 3k you can buy a 51 YTS with about 90k on the clock which isnt that bad at all. TBH cause you are still young I would try and see whats the cheapest to insure and make a decision on that. It wouldnt suprise me if it was the Yaris or the Focus. Out of them I would choose the Yaris because the Focus is under powered and isnt as fun to drive.
  13. TBH mate the Yaris TS isnt a girls car trust me. Ive only seen 1 girl driving 1 and the rest are lads. Fabia - its a very good car but like you said you have to remap it to have any fun with it. Also is a group 9 Ibiza - like you said same as above. MG/Rover - Its a nice looking car, tbh not that bad reliability wise but if it goes wrong parts are very hard to get due to Rover been bust and it will break cause its a Rover. VTR - Its got great handling but I found its rep with insurance companies is its real down fall. They charge you a fortune and the YTS is just as quick and its as much to run. Also if you get the 90bhp a YTS is faster than that and will destory you. SRI - Same thing really insurance wise. Focus - very nice motor but when I use to have my YTS it use to beat it hands down. Like you said its a bigger car which is a plus and Fords are reasonably priced. Now the Yaris TS - Fun to drive, fast and economical. I remember doing a run to Burnley on the back road from Leeds mainly in 3rd and 4th and didnt use hardly any petrol got like 40mpg. Nothing really goes wrong with the p1 just make sure you find one thats been looked after. My problem with it was that it really does need another gear which you would find out once youve had it for a few months, the ride isnt that nice, its better that a saxo but not as good as the Fab or the Focus. Parts are expensive if you are wanting to modify and even getting standard parts unless you know people in the trade. Also another good thing about the Yaris is that even though its a group 7 on insurance most companies dont treat it as a sporty chavy car and more like a town car driven by your gran. Alot of people including myself didnt know about the YTS and so dont know what its like, Ive had many of races with bigger and faster cars and kept up and sometimes even beaten. Overall depending on what your budget is a good mk1 p1 YTS goes for £2.5k - £3.5 and its more expensive compared to the Corsa and Saxo. The Fab is going to cost you £4.5k - £5.5k for a good one. If it was me buying one of those cars I would probably go for the Yaris but I have already owned one in the past so I would say that. Oh you will get some stick for having a Yaris but once you get them in it and take them for a spin they'll soon change their mind.
  14. Either Induction kit or what I did. Replace air filter with ungraded one then relocate the air feed with a new piece of pipe work. Also if you want it to sound like an induction kit you can drill holes in the air box at the bottom. Chaving it up FTW
  15. No you dont mate. You have to buy an ISO adapter anyway for the new headunit to work. All you lose is the cd player and radio, the other buttons like the mpg and clock all work.
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