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  1. Hi I’ve got an 06 Corolla compressor I’ve recently replaced the inlet cam and followers as it was damaged. Since I’ve done that when it revs past 6k it ticks really loud and dosnt go into lift. Anyone ever heard of this?
  2. my yaris t-sport is lowered 100mm on tein coilovers
  3. hey. has any1 fitted a supercharger to there 2003 yaris t-sport? if so how hard is it to install and wat all would i have to get? thanks.
  4. Here is a front splitter of a seat leon cupra r on my yaris t-sport
  5. if i put wider wheels on it scrubs its really anoying
  6. it doesn't scuff at all it handles like a deam
  7. ha ha. At the front bumper mine is 4cm and at the sidskirts it is 4cm.
  8. how low is your yaris?
  9. my exhaust popes but it doesn't spit a flame could you put a bit of petrol in to the exhaust
  10. how do u make a car spit a flame out of exhaust?
  11. has anybody tryed to fit a seat leon cupra r front splitter to a 2003 yaris t-sport
  12. yeah the oil is fine at the minute the engine is making a slight clicking noise
  13. when i put the new oil in i put 3 litres in then started the car to get the new oil around the oil filter then let the oil settle then i put more oil in until it was at the max mark. How much oil did it take the second time around to bring it up to max? Also in those 6 weeks how many miles did you cover and were most of them at high speeds? it took about half a litre i had dun abot 1500 miles
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