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  1. Does anyone know what the difference between the T-sport corolla PS wing mirror and the standard corolla. I have an 02 Tsport and broke the glass on the mirror at the weekend. I also lost the cover on the back of the mirror. I was thinking of getting a cover and glass from a breakers but Im not sure if they are the same or not. Does anyone know?
  2. Ok I had a look at the Corolla at the weekend and I can only find 2 oxygen sensors. One at the engine side of the CAT and one the other end of the CAT. Am I right in assuming that Bank 1 sensor 1 would be the one at the engine side? sounds like you have got a faulty oxygen sensor. they are found on the exhaust manifold usually have 2 sensors before the cat then 2 after. bank 1 sensor 1 is for cylinders 3 an 4. bank 2 sensor 1 is for cylinders 1 and 2. bank 1 sensor 2 an bank 2 sensor 2 are fitted after the cats.
  3. Cheers man, I have spoken to my local Toyota Dealer and they have asked me if it is the front sensor or the back. I take it they mean either the manifold or the cat? Surely the 2 on the manifold wouldn't be different? I know I can get get an aftermarket one probably cheaper. Toyota are looking £140 + VAT does that sound about right? Any ideas of a part no.?
  4. Hi everyone, I have a pre facelift corolla T-sport with 130k miles on it. I have had it nearly 2 years now and have had next to no trouble with it until now. The engine management light has come on switching off the TRC and VSC. I have tried disconnecting the battery to reset the ECU but it comes back on again. I bought an engine diagnostic kit on ebay and connected it to the cars diagnostic plug the other night. It gave me the following error code Corolla T-Sport Engine Code S0135 H025 Heater Performance Bank 1 Senso I was able to clear the code and switch off the engine management, TRC &
  5. I am on an 02 plate and have just passed 130k with no problems although I think my egr pump is on the may out as it is starting to whine but it will run ok without it.
  6. i got the full eibach set (Shocks and springs) that came off my corolla compressor.. only dont 18k miles let me kno if your interested shaun How much you looking for the springs and shocks? Would they fit a PFL?
  7. Hi can you tell me how much of a drop is this back and front in mm. Thanks
  8. I changed the pollen filter about a month ago. I had a leak in the heating radiator in behind the dash last week. I sorted the problem with radweld. I have noticed that the heater hasnt been the best for a while now. Ill be flushing the radiator and putting coolant back in at the weekend so hopefully this will cure the problem
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the heater in the Pre Facelift TS is rubbish? I also noticed that the vent for the windscree is very badly placed in the sense that there is always an area in front of the drivers view which is slow to demist because the vent is placed in the mddle of the wndscreen. Has anyone else found this?
  10. I think the front wheels start brakin trying to straighten the car when the beebing comes on. Try pull a handbraker on a corner and see.doesn't work too well
  11. Its an 02 T sport. Havnt asked anyone yet. I just found it odd that it fused both the inside door light and the light in the boot. Its just recently I have noticed the headlights dimming.
  12. Any help would be great
  13. I bought a CTS about 6 months ago and I have discovered that it keeps fusing the buls in both the interior courtesy light and the light in the boot. Also I have noticed the headlights dimming momentarily while I am driving. Has anyone else noticed a similiar problem? Thanks
  14. Are you selling your old wheels? What kind are they, and so you have more pics of them on the car?
  15. I am just wondering if I am doing any harm to the engine by using normal unleaded petrol as opposed to the high octane. Also I am thinking about changing the oil in the gearbox, can anyone suggest what type of oil to use and where the handiest place is to get it. Thanks
  16. Just wondering where I could get a quick shift kit for a CTS. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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