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  1. hey all just wondering if it would be a good idea to hook the boost gauge vacuum line up to where the turbo vsv use to be?? any advice would be awesome
  2. hey all i have been getting this strange ticking noise from the cambelt area, but it only happens when the engine is at full temp. also when decelerating i get a weird tapping sound but only when the engine is going past 2000rpm. any1 no what it could be????????? cheers in advance
  3. hi all can any1 tell me the best way to clean the inside of my intake manifold without taking it off???
  4. oh ok then.....stink lol. boost wise, what is the max the standard injectors can handle??
  5. even with a mines ecu???
  6. even with a mines ecu???
  7. thought it would be along those lines, am i able to replace them with 205 injectors with no trouble???
  8. hey all, could someone plz tell me what the max hp you can get b4 the injectors start to die?? thanks in advance
  9. hooked it up in the weekand and it seems to e working fine as in it hasnt gone pop so i guess its workingn haha
  10. i thought it would be plug and play too, but the guy that i bought it off said something about blanking off the diagnostics port to put the car into limp mode or something along those lines
  11. hey all ive just brought myself a mines ecu and just wondering if anybody out there has one and knows how to install and tune
  12. id say thats an st185 engine chief
  13. can any1 tell me how to check the timing without taking it to a rip off mechanic
  14. can any1 tell me where the ecu is located??
  15. hey all just wanna no if the rc ecu and the standard 185 ecu are interchangable?? cheers in advance
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