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  1. Parada's are Yoko's aren't they? Heard they are good, how much can you get them for?
  2. Personnally I like Bridgestone RE050. They are quite expensive but perform really well, especially in the dry and last a fairly long time too. Factory fitted on the Ferrari Enzo, so can't be bad. Got them on mine now. One to avoid is Kumho ESCTA (or something like that), they were on my car when I got it and are complete pants!
  3. I'm out of warranty so have to buy unfortunately. Thanks for the offer but I don't really want to buy second hand ones, I know people have had leaky ones and I could end up just having to buy new ones anyway. At least if I just buy them new I will get a years warranty. By the way, I think it is only the springs that are Eibach. I think the dampers were from Bilstein, gas filled and very good quality. I found this out when I was doing a lot of digging trying to source direct, the man at Eibach was quite sure they only supplied the springs for this car. Thanks for your help.
  4. Firstly, as with any car the fuel consumption will depend on how heavy you are with you're right foot. If you bomb around everywhere you are going to get very bad consumption. I reckon I get the normal average of 30 but as soon as you do lots of town driving that drops. Seem to get about 300 miles a tank, on long runs not that different from my father in laws 1.6 corolla. The big difference is filling up with high octane, costs about £50 to fill. Secondly, reliability is ok. I've had the leaky shock thing that other people have had. A little squeak as well, but much less than the myriad of is
  5. Mr King of Parts...please can you help? The rear shocks on my Corolla Compressor need to be changed. Can you please give me prices for the parts? Are the parts Toyota only or can I buy them direct from the manufacturer? I'm hoping to get this done in the next week, if your prices are good I'll buy from you. Thanks you for your help.
  6. Happy New Year to all. Been a while since I posted, sorry for that. Got a bit of a problem and know you guys will be able to help. I've got a leaky rear shock which needs to be replaced, I wanted to know if I have to get the Compressor shocks from Toyota, if so how much? Obviously I need 2 as should do all on axle. Parts King, perhaps you may also be able to help with this, can you supply cheaper than a Toyota dealership?? Thank you all for your help. I need to fix my baby!!
  7. Onk

    Comp Pics Again

    the exhaust is custom made by urban racing using blue flame components cost 580£ very slightly louder than standard so not chavvy at all,after fittment showed 239 bhp on the rollers so don't now what it started with bhp wise.ONLY A EXHAUST HAS BEEN FITTED. Thanks for the info, very interesting. Will bear in mind should I come to do anything.
  8. Onk

    Comp Pics Again

    Looks good. I especially like the look of your exhaust. What make is it? Do you know what gains are purely from the exhaust? How much did you pay for the exhaust (if you don't mind me asking)? Is the exhaust very loud because if I did it I wouldn't want it to sound too loud and chavvy?!?
  9. Onk

    New Car!

    You must be near me then, I'm Horsham way. I'm not going to bore you with all my issues, you can find them in here somewhere. As dealerships are franchises they seem to do what they like. I had issues with my warranty at my local garage, they turned out to be quite rude and very awkward. Had to take it elsewhere where they were great. Problem I had was buying car from one dealership and trying to have problems resolved elsewhere, there was real tit-for-tat arguments between them, they seemed to forget the customer care bit! Onto your squeak, I've had this too. Mine was the bush and springs on
  10. LOL!!!! Agree that if you do it, your car will look really tacky. Find it funny when people say something will lead to someone else looking like a chav when clearly they themselves are treading on dubious chav territory!! Sorry for being honest Farnhali!!! Keep it real! Innit! Sweet!
  11. Well I'm not so fussed about the torque. I actually quite like working the gears in a car, makes it more exciting but that's only my opinion. All I want is power and power, so I'd want to make sure I get that 250! As for the lift, well I am quite used to driving my car now and if you concentrate you can feel lift kick in around 5000rpm, though it is quite smooth.
  12. Supercharger doesn't kick in properly until it's warm. Shouldn't be flooring it until then anyway, your oil won't be working well enough and you'll shag your car. Not had any issues like you've had, just a couple of squeaks and a little issue with exhaust falling off silencer. Sorted after a quick weld. Certainly found Toyota dealers to be rubbish, especially if you're dealing with a different one to where you bought your car. Like the car though and it's very fast!
  13. Actually that's not true. The early MK3 MR2 didn't have LSD. This came after a minor facelift when they also changed the light clusters and increased the rear wheels to 16" as well as adding LSD. Think the facelift was done on 04 plates, though I might have the dates wrong.
  14. You're not wrong. But hey, that's what you get when you buy a limited run car!
  15. I recently had a quote for one silencer, was just shy of 600 nicker so it wouldn't suprise me if the whole lot was 2.5k, then you got to fit it.
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