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  1. Need a little bit more info mate, what model? year? engine? modifications? Mo
  2. It's been that long since i looked at one i'm struggling to rememeber but, if it's from the rear, you will need to get under the front of the car, remove under trays and inspect from there, i'm sure they do go in from the back, However removing the full fog unit is a bit more difficult, only secured by 2 screws but these usually rust and you have to drill them out. HTH Mo
  3. replied in your other thread!
  4. As Dawsey said, i usually check and fill the rad capped filler first (when cold), and check level in the overflow...this should have a full length dip tube in so it is quite easy to see the level. Mo
  5. Yup i'll meet you there to take on extra baggage
  6. Pizza for me please !Removed!, 9" Hawaiian - £6.50 Cheers Muchly
  7. mister_mo

    Side Lights

    closet i can find after a quick search is THESE, is that what you're looking for? Further search just found THESE TOO Mo
  8. mister_mo

    Safe Head

    Yup it's non-interferance. Well supposed to be, but i only know of turbos
  9. Hi, Firstly welcome to TOC, I can't really say, i've always had rev3's (on my third one), it's not all about the power, it's the delivery, the different turbo, better engine management, etc etc etc, they are just stronger (improved metal head gasket Vs rev1/2 paper gasket). It's also whether you prefer the square or round rear lights, the single or 3 piece spoiler, there is a lot to consider, obviously most stuff can be changed and it depends on your intentions with the car. There is always going to be 2 sides to this lol, i personally would go for rev3+ everytime, they just seem a lot more reliable to me and i prefer the styling, plus it's a lot easier/safer to get a bit more bhp out of them. HTH, Mo
  10. Confirm me!!!!!! Got the Friday off work, Woooooooooooooooooopa! Mo
  11. Ask politely and wear the right top honey! you never know who might help out, i seem to remember you got some offers @ Jae 09 lol x
  12. Suppose it would be rude not to. Put me and the tbar turbo banana down, *mental note* hide keys from Fizz! I need to check i can get the days off, then i'll sort the details out with you !Removed!. Mo
  13. Try running another earth from the JVC unit's body to the car chassis, this 'might' cure it, i seem to remember doing this on an active system a few years ago HTH, Mo
  14. At first i thought they were Advan AVS, but looking further it seems they could be a copy of them. Check This see what you think. HTH Mo