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  1. Happy Birthday Big Bad Ant!

  2. woo. thats some sad news!! sorry to hear it! hit n run people are just a bunch of f :censor:kers!!! actually i think thats an under statement .
  3. i've got the game on ps2 but it is in japanese. its ok coz my console is jap. i doubt the game will come out in england just yet as the cartoon aint that much of a big hit with others yet.
  4. Barryboys is working fine... well for me it is
  5. yep!! Initial D. its a jap cartoon, where the main character uses an AE86 and manages to beat all sorts of cars! definalty worth checkin out!
  6. u alright people!! im sure some of you here have already heard of the cartoon Initial D, if u have, im sure yor hooked but for the ones who aint... you better check it out! it aint like any other cartoon, this one is highly addictive!! just to let some of you know that the Initial D film which came out few days ago in hong kong is pretty good!! the races they have are amazing. bit of a short film though but definaltly worth watching just for the races!!
  7. Knowlson I went last year but didnt bring my rolla there! i was there with my bro in his civic on the Honda Rev stand. yup pretty sure iam going again, liked so much last time round :D
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