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    i got mine from ebay from .. winchsol i got it a tad cheaper but even buy it now there only £240. you will get the fairlead rollers to . and also wired and wireless remotes. you will have to buy a seperate winch mount plate. or make your own as i did. then mount the badboy wherever. like this http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh182/wattyr1/017.jpg
  2. looking for winch bumper or winch mount plate or bracket. or any ideas or plans. thers one on ebay but price is getting a bit much. im used to fabricating. and im scottish therfore im real opposed to parting with the pounds. :D . any ideas or help
  3. yep go for braided hoses. i got them from roughtrax when i lifted my surf. and they firm up the pedal a treat.
  4. Hi. i think the kerb weight is about 1960kg ish. and my surf has rear door wheel and makes no difference to towbar or anything im towing. its not an obstruction.
  5. im looking to buy a set of 15"x10" wheels. and have tried a few sites. also tried Bronco4x4.com and cant get onto site. webknight thing comes up. any ideas. i foned bronco and they are still trading. or does anybody have any 15x10 steel wheels 4 sale... cheers watty
  6. wattyg


    my local dealer is a tit. when i mention a surf he looks at me as if i just kikt his wifes ***** hehe. i removed the valance and can see roughly how i would fit it. i wanted more floor clearonce though. but i suppose when i fit my 35" tyres it will all be sorted. thats if i ever afford the fekrs. cheers for the help.
  7. cheers dude. it was diffrent from those ones. this one eventually went above glove box.it was reccessed to fit there. wot a job drilling the 2 wee holes though. not to worry its on now. ..
  8. wattyg


    I realise this topic must have been dragged to death. but im kinda stuck. wher the hell do i fit it if a wana keep my original front bumper? cheers
  9. im looking for an alloy wheel to make up a set. i have three and like the size and style. there are no markings on the !Removed! and have pulled most of my hair out searching ebay sites round the globe and asking google etc. if i can work out how to upload a wee pic. could you all have a wee look and see if you have one you could sell... cheers... meant to say. they are 15" x 8.5 thats lip to lip. cheers
  10. take it a good run with everythn off. i.e. rear window demister. lights . all the draining stuff. when you use the vehicle at night mostly and winter. u have heaters. wipers radio demister etc all on and it will be short journeys. this eats the battery`s. hope you get it sorted. and its a free or real cheap fix. cheers
  11. after raising my surf i noticed when i put the balljoint spacers on that my front wheels sit further in than the rear, could i get away with using spacers on the front only??? i know not to use the cheap ones as your wheels make ther own way to where you are going,. any help welcomed. cheers watty
  12. Get a hold of a voltmeter. switch it to V volts and select. 20 there will be settings for 200 etc. but you want the 20. start the engine and put the red from the meter onto pos battery terminal. and the black from meter to neg bettery terminal. you should see upwards of at least 13.9. you want it to read 14.4 ish. then you will know the altenator is charging your battery`s,
  13. wattyg


  14. let me know if this works its a buggy i made.. cheers http://s256.photobucket.com/albums/hh182/w...rrent=buggy.flv
  15. what should the offset be? i changed the original wheels and have had a few kinds on.. im watching a set on ebay offset 32. would these fit... also i have 3 deep dish wheels and need a fourth.. how do i upload i pic so you can all see. and maybe somebody has one hidden somewhere. cheers
  16. i wanted to add pics to my profile. im kinda stuck when it comes to computers. any pic i do have is to large?.. any help
  17. wattyg


    i own a 3.0 surf.ssrx. and the button on centre console next to the rear window button is for the FRONT fogs. and the rear fog switch on mine is on the right of steering wheel near idle and suspension button. hope this helps..
  18. i got an inclinometer from santa. and as much as i think it may be a gimmik. and er if im that close to rolling over then i thnk i shall be watchn the scenery not the wee gauge. anyway... i assume it goes nearer passenger side. any body got any pics of one in situ? cheers
  19. ive had my trackinf adjusted so many times. and it always pulled left. eventually got the fekr sorted and it runs straight. NOW though the fekr understeers real bad. the camber is set in at the top a wee tad as this seems to help when off road. any ideas?? cheers
  20. If you work in the recovery industry. I.E. rac. aa etc etc. then recovery is tacho exempt. or at least used to be 3 years ago or so. therefore you dont transport the machinery. your merely recovering it officer. hehe
  21. I got new side SURF stickers off ebay. just pay attention to the size stated though. use panel wipe or similar to take off any wax b4 fitting new ones. and use plenty of fairy liquid water and a good soft rubber squeedgy when putting them on.also dont wash for a few days after...
  22. Yeh 3.5t and above if used as commercial/business, any combination of trailer and tow or rigid vehicle etc..
  23. 1st of all. thanx to vince 4 his help. i have 15x8`s just now. nice deep dish.they will take my 31`s or 33`s.... but im looking for 15x10`s to put 35`s on to now. any body got any for sale. i like the modulars or daytona. steel would be preferd or a real nice set of deep deep dish alloys. ..... also how do i upload fotos. cheers watty
  24. ok. kzn 130. have 1.5" body lift. 4" suspension lift. wide arch model. 15" wheels. was thinking of getting 33/12.50x15 tyres. BUT would 35/12.50x15 tyres fit an do ok? was looking at maxxis or maybe kl71 khumo. any help would be great and would help when im pulling disco`s outta the mud. hehe
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