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  1. Jaenjays, did you get your P1215 code fixed?? What was the solution, my D4D RAV has developed the same problem, have checked wiring to injectors from EDU so far. Does it once or twice a day, a quick off/on with the ignition key resets it.
  2. Fifer


    Thanks Anchorman for information I hope you are correct as it went into dealer today and they said it needed a new turbo. I did not take it and have not yet challenged their diagnosis, but really worried they might be correct. Does anyone know dealer cost of a turbo replacement.
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    When driving along, often coasting the engine management light comes on, and have less power (assume it is in safe mode) turning the key off then on resets the light and all returns to normal. This is happening once a day on a longish drive, when in for a service garage read code as 1215 but did not have a fault description for this code. Anyone have any ideas as to what the trouble might be. It is a 2001 2ltr Diesel