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  1. Well I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with a problem. My husband has spoken to his business partner and he seems to think that our problem is due to the oil cooler!! Am not confident to say the least. Am seriously considering outing her. I love the vehicle but I do not trust her one bit. I work about 3 miles away from our home and she is running like a dream, not even reaching running temp, not having a thermostate seems to be doing the trick at the moment, when we attempt to tow again will answer my question as to whether i need to out her or not. All i ask is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can someone help us I am at my wits end!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me please? I have a hilux surf and have had a few problems with her over heating. It all started on Tuesday when we were towing our caravan to the New Forest. Every time we went up a hill she started to over heat, so we did the usual put on the blowers (it was a baking hot day and was like driving in a sauna!) checked the water levels ect. Eventually got there. When not towing she was fine no problems, until we started to come home. It was worse! So we removed the thermostate hoping that she would then run cold, how wrong we were, it was worse. Steam everywhere, she had dumped all her water. We filled her back up with 6 litres of water (not cold so as not to cause any more damage) and we were on our way again. within 40 miles she started to over heat again, so we pulled over and put yet another 2 lites in her. She still carried on over heating, eventually we got her home. I have been drining her since not towing and she is running cold and everything seems fine. Could it be that the fan is not man enough to keep it cool? or could we have a serious problem? We are going to change the radiator and put in a new thermostate but I loosing all faith in her and can honestly say that I do not trust her one bit!!
  3. Hi, can anyone help me please, I have just bought a 1992 2.4 TD hilux Surf SSR-X and am having problems finding any specifications on it, It would be nice to know its weight and BHP if anyone can help.