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  1. Sounds like the SCV's to me, i had a similar problem, under load between 2000-3000 rpm the car would stutter and the sometimes the engine management light would come on and go into limp home mode, the SCV when tested where in spec but when the garage looked into further there was a drop in fuel pressure in the fuel rail between these revs indicating a faulty SCV, They replaced the SCV's the the car is now running faultless!
  2. Hey guys well I thought all was sorted, I changed the fuel filter and the air filter cleaned the egr, and the maf and the car was running great, then a week past and the !Removed! thing has happened again!!!! I have a used car warranty but I would like to be able to give them some pointers, the engine revs cleanly above 2500rpm so could it be the scv? Thanks
  3. Thanks igor, will check them out and give a good clean
  4. Hi there as the title says, this seems to be happening only under hard acceleration and once it goes above 2500 rpm it's smooth as. Now the car had a new turbo fitted in January by Toyota and I have also checked the Vsv, when I shook the Vsv it did not rattle but when you applied voltage it seemed to work and change the airflow direction of the valve. Also the car has 90k miles with full Toyota service history so would imagine the fuel filter would be fine. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. Hey peeps, got my 2004 rav4 d4d couple of weeks ago but I noticed that it seems to take a while to start. It's not just cold starting its all the time, when you turn the key it turns over quickly about 3 times before it starts. No smoke or anything and it runs perfect once started. It has fully toyota history and done 91k Any ideas would be good Thanks
  6. Thanks guys all this info has been great.
  7. OK thanks for the help. Kingo I sent you a pm
  8. Spoke to the dealership and gave them my reg and they said the bottom half would be 1d4 titanium metallic. Top half was savannah
  9. Hey guys, got a savannah metallic rav 4.2 , Trying to find out what the paint codes are, I think the savannah is 4r4 but not sure what the bumpers are as they are silver. Any help would be great. Ps I have looked in the door jam and there ain't a sticker, just the one for the tire pressures
  10. Yeah that's exactly the way the car is. Just spoke to the garage and I get to pick the car up tonight.
  11. Thanks for the replies should get the car hopefully by the weekend. So will have a fiddle at the weekend.
  12. Hi guys and gals, picking up my 2004 Rav4 xt-4 this week, but noticed that the interior door handles and the gear surround have worn pretty badly. Was thinking of just taking them off and respraying them silver. Question is are the door handle trims easy to come off? Thanks peeps Steven
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