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  1. Hi all, My handbrake seems to stick on when released. I usually have to rock the car back a little before setting off to loosen it off BUT i think it is still binding a little even after that. I'm unfamiliar with the mechincs of the Gen 6 Handbrake so my question is: Could this be due to a certain component failing? Has anyone come across this before? Any help and/or ideas to resolve this would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. found that a new plug, dizzy cap or rotor arm are faulty. I was just going to say the same thing. Have you tried putting back the old parts and starting again?
  3. bump - How do i sync my key fob to the alarm. Anyone know?
  4. Hi Monkey, The thermostate is located in the engine bay and regulates the flow of coolant around the engine. Its located just left of the exhaust mainfold as you look from the front of the car to the back back, if memory serves. If you follow the hoses from the Radiator (on the left hand side of the radiator as your looking from the front of the car to the back) you should find it, although it is not visible unless it is removed from its housing. Some other guys on the forum will be able to help with the specifics of replacing it as i can't think what tools you'll need to get it out off the to
  5. Hi all, My battery went flat the other day. I bought a new one, installed it and everything works fine except my key fob. It no longer operates the car alarm and i was wondering how i would go about reseting it. It is completely standard by the way. Any help apreciated.
  6. Ok, cheers booster. Is that true of all plugs???
  7. Hi guys, quick question. What is the spacing for the spark plug gaps in the Gen 6 3s-ge? Cheers
  8. Hi guys/gals, My exhaust has packed in and i need to replace the mid-box and back box sections. I really want to keep the chrome tail pipe thingy but not sure where i can get this. Is chrome tail pipe thing a main dealer part? Where can i get one cheap? Any help appreciated.
  9. Well guys, i was curious so i bought the whole lot and fitted it all to my Gen 6. I'm amazed as my car now flies, litrally, and i can get 300 miles on just one litre of apple juice! 'Just Joken!' ;) LMAO! Seriously though. This thread is amazing!! It really creased me up and made my day! I want to hear of more miracle performance enhancements they're funny as you like!
  10. Nice one Booster. Didn't think there would be BUT thought i'd check. Mama always said that to assume makes an ***** of u and me ;)
  11. Hi guys, My petrol tank is leaking, not sure why its happened, but i think you'll all agrree that i need a new one. I've managed to find a replacement tank but its from a Gen 6, 2.0, Auto. Will this fit my Gen 6, st202, manual?
  12. Morning boys and girls, Has anyone lowered their st202 themselves on here. Gonna do mine at some point and wanted to consult everyone on here before i did. Any hints, tips and pointers would be appreciated. I suppose what i would like to know would be: - Tools needed - Time needed - Anything else you feel i should know Cheers guys
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