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  1. Mooly

    Bottom Rad Hose Cold

    Water pump impellor slipping perhaps and not pushing the coolant around. Does the heater work well? That would suggest coolant is flowing Clogged radiator core. Perhaps there isn't a cooling issue at all and its a sensor/display problem.
  2. Mooly

    Clutch Warranty

    Getting a goodwill payment is great news, I certainly wouldn't have expected that outcome. Excellent!
  3. Mooly

    Clutch Warranty

    Clutch life depends hugely on how its used. 40k already on the car and you have added another 10k in just 5 months, so 50k in total. That's probably not an unreasonable life in itself, particularly if the car has seen a lot of town centre stop start driving. There would be zero chance of a warranty claim with those figures imo.
  4. You're welcome. I missed a vital word out above, it should have read 'that would not be the first suspect'. If you can get the problem to change by poking/pressing/prodding the panel then its more than likely a poor soldered joint. Good luck.
  5. I'd look for poor soldering (dry joints) around that LED and all that it connects to. The fact physically disturbing the panel (removing it) fixed the issue for a while adds to that theory. And yes, its possible the LED is faulty although that would not be the first suspect here based on what you describe.
  6. Mooly

    What controls when the heater starts?

    Just manually alter the fan speed to its lowest setting when cold. That will turn the blower fan on (and also enable the A/C if ambient conditions are suitable). That will 100% over ride the Auto setting. Also manually set the desired airflow direction.
  7. Mooly

    Bad rust on 2010 hybrid + Some questions

    Northern parts of the country often have salt treated roads from pretty much end of October through to April. That could account for much I'm afraid.
  8. Mooly

    Battery advice

    For starting the engine it is the CCA (cold cranking amps) and CA (cranking amps) are the figures that matter most. This is a measure of the current that can be drawn without the terminal voltage dropping below 7.2 volts at the specified test temperatures. The Ah capacity is a measure of the total stored energy available over a long term discharge such as leaving your headlights on or the alternator packing up. A 60Ah battery would run an 11amp load (typical for a pair of headlights and tail lights) for around 5.4 hours, the 50Ah would be around 4.5 hours. A second hand battery of more than a couple of years old will be down on both these metrics compared to a new.
  9. Mooly

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    In addition to everything else that's been posted, could this also be a faulty ignition switch? The dash display going out indicates a total loss of power. Also, its normal to see headlights dim as the engine speed dips below normal idle momentarily, such as suddenly loading the power steering or turning the heated window on.
  10. Mooly

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    Lets hope so. Good luck.
  11. Mooly

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    I think the trim should pop off relatively easily, the headlining may be best left alone as I seem to recall reading somewhere that its (generally) difficult to work with. I still think you should ask a professional outfit what they advise.
  12. Mooly

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    I'm not sure replacing the screen would be the first line of attack tbh. A replacement firm may well try a sealer first, injected from the inside assuming there is reasonable access. This is interesting, read the bit about soapy water and putting the blower on full to look for bubbles:
  13. Mooly

    Rear brake pad change

    Useful information and I'm pleased you appear to have it all sorted now, but as to getting a local garage to do the work for £20, well I can't really imagine any professional even getting out of bed for £20, let alone doing the work properly.
  14. Mooly

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    If it has stained then try a foaming carpet cleaner aerosol (the kind used for spot clean-ups) and a soft nail brush. It could well be a one off given the nature of these things. Good luck 🙂
  15. Mooly

    Water Leak At Windscreen

    Is the windscreen an original fitment or has it been replaced in the past? Water can travel quite a long distance by capillary action although yours does seem to originate at that upper corner. A commercial pressure washer used up close may be finding weaknesses that wouldn't normally be an issue... and I think we've probably all seen cars where even paint has been lifted by these things. You might be best asking a professional fitter what they recommend and what materials they have good success with.