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  1. Without sounding REALLY sad, anyone like adore their Aygo. I just love mine. I got mine for Christmas when I was 17 =] It is so easy to drive, petrol is cheap, despite its small and slow reputation you can get a satisfactory amount of speed from it too! My friends think im pathetic (in a nice way) I just wonder if anyone else feels the same? I will take 'lack of response' as a NO.
  2. My 07 Aygo had the same problem. I noticed after a lot of rainfall (which in England you can't really get away from) my passenger foot well had a puddle! I immediately booked my Aygo in at my local Toyota garage. Still under warranty or whatever it is called they fixed the problem for free (their manufacturers fault not mine), made my car all better and I got some freebies =] Turned out some Aygos didn't have some kind of part underneath the car completely sealed or something. Now I don't have that problem anymore.
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