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  1. I have asked this question before! However I’ve now a complete running (Noisy engine) donor LC5 car,from which I’m hoping to swop the sat nav + all other accessories to my same year Lc4! Can any more knowledgeable members confirm if it’s possible? Thanks
  2. Thanks very much ! The search begins
  3. Any more info on model/Cost etc Thanks
  4. After having Isuzu Troopers and Bighorns, I’ve got my 1st lc4 2005 auto and love it. Thanks for let me join!
  5. Ive the above and want to replace the original system with Proper sat nav like the lc5 versions! Any members in U.K have done this and what you chose? Thanks
  6. Hi I’ve just bought a 2005 lc4 and found the passenger mirror isn’t heating! it looks like it’s a stick on jobby it all works apart from heat. Whats the best option. Thanks