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  1. Ok here is more detail. I have a 1994 Holden Apollo, which is just really a Toyota Camry which is as a Holden in Australia. I have the 2.2 inline 4 but the owners manual has some wierd specs in it. For instance, apparently the fuel tank holds 70 Litres but i can only get about 55 in there. Also the car weighs 1830kg which i don't really believe!! Does anyone know the real specs? Perferably someone who has a 1994 Camry. Thanks
  2. the manual on my car has some strange specs, i don't if Holden stuffed something up. What are the real specs? Apparently the fuel tank is 70L but ive only managed to get 55L in there. A how in the hell does a 4 cylinder car weigh 1830kg??? My dads V8 Commodore ways 1700!! What the hell is going on?
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