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  1. il film it tonight and put it on youtube you can count and see for yourself. i get into lift in second every time.
  2. All im adding to this post is that i know my car to be alot faster than 7 seconds to 60, and as farhanali89 said its all about using the clutch its no use changing into second as fast as you can because that will just result in buggering up the syncros and blowing up the gearbox i should know iv done it lol trick is to hold the cluch down just abit longer not many people know this and when you dont get into lift in 2nd gear you probably lose about half a second to a second
  3. Dont even get me started on car insurance haha been driving for 4 years and iv yet to see it drop below £1000 lol, im paying 1600 at the minute and im 22 with 1 years no claims and 3 points
  4. Providing you check your oil before you know you are going to be driving harder than usual and that you dont select the wrong gear ie going into 2nd doing about 90mph you shouldnt really have any troubles with the engine
  5. Thanks, will be taking a look at this on the weekend me thinks providing the weather is nice. at the minute it only seems to do it when cold.
  6. 1. Started my car up this morning and right after the starter motor had engaged and had cranked the engine, it made a funny metalic scraping sound almost like it didnt disengage for about a second. does anyone know where the starter motor is located obviously its somewhere round the flywheel but is it easy to access? . 2. I have a rather annoying squeek sound which i believe is coming from the exhaust / heatshield it happens everytime the engine moves ie pulling off changing gear etc. does anyone know where i can get replacment heatshields? or any advice on how to fix this issue? For those of you who dont know my car is a CTS 54 plate with 56,000 on the clock. Thank you for you time
  7. looks amazing mate and i mean the car as a hole not just the brakes haha :P
  8. Car is now sorted with a gearbox that has only done 24,000 miles. Gear changes feel nice and stiff almost like new and no grinding into gears no more, the only issue i have with it is that there is a slight whine when in first gear, my old one probably did it but i can remember lol can anyone confirm this? ;)
  9. already ahead of you mate lol did that lastnight he wants £300 its 2005 model and its got 67,000 on the clock iv found one today for £350 delivered to my door and thats only done 24,000 miles on a 04 plate so im going for that one and it comes with 3 months warranty
  10. Yeah hes a top bloke aswell my mate has already done business with him buying the gear knob
  11. Crunched into 2nd gear as the syncro is buggered and it just went bang :(
  12. Anyone got a spare gearbox as mine kind of went boom last night?
  13. As the title says i am after a corolla t sport gearbox?
  14. managed to retrieve the bolt with my fingers :o after i paid £8.50 for bolt extracting drill bits (always the way) so now its just a case of getting a bolt from toyota in the morning thank god for that
  15. Just been out changing my brake pads when disaster srikes and my heart sank as i have snapped one of the bolts that holds the caliper in place what would be the easiest solution? :( Thanks
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