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  1. Oh sorry. I think I described that incorrectly then, what I mean was what frosty has said! My yaris doesn't have illumination even when the lights are on, which I find a pain sometimes. So that answers my question, they are lit when the lights are on! Thank goodness! Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi guys, this may of come up before and so my apologies if it has but I've just purchased a 2012/62 hybrid auris and I remember fr the test drive there being several buttons more on the steering wheel compared to my yaris, just wondering are they backlit on the auris? Many thanks for any light you can shed. :)
  3. Hi guys, anyone know, how or where the 'key cylinder' is on a T-Spirit model hybrid with keyless entry and start? Is it in the same place? It just sends me over a cliff everytime, every other bleep is fine but that one is a step too far! Many thanks.
  4. I'm not really expecting anyone to say stick with the 206, just want some confirmation that the little 1.0 will do what i want when i want.
  5. Hi guys! Just wondering if I could get some thoughts and feedback, having searced the forums over last week, and read all the praise you guys heap on the Yaris, I am still unsure. Basically I have an 51 plate 206 1.4 with AC (only redeeming feature) and to be fair its been nothing but a pain, and I've got the chance of a 04 Yaris 1.0 T3 with 24k on the clock for £3500 but I dont know if the engine will be enough (weekends I do a 160 mile round trip along the A14, otherwise only about 5 miles a day) have driven the Yaris a few times in past (as its a friends) and always enjoyed driving it, but never really took it on the motorway or anything, so basically would I be doing the right thing buying it, is the mpg good or do you have to drive it carefully to get anywhere near qouted figures? Also i flicked through the book and am I right in remembering it doesnt have a timing belt? Many thanks for any help! Alex
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