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  1. As the original poster mentioned the Yaris diesel does not pull away well so can feel sluggish and end up with those moments where you worry.... That is the bad side. The good side is that the motor is a marvel. I have got 630 miles out of one tankful at an average of over 70 mpg and I have also had the wheels spinning out of Clearways at Brands at over 60mph. What other city car would do that? I have had the superchips conversion though http://www.superchips.co.uk/search?make=36&fueltype=2&model=145&variant=1826 Just fitted 205 size tyres on the front, now can put the torque down well without too much wheelspin out of corners. Using the racelogic performance box the times in gear are 30-50 in 3rd - 4.0s 50-70 in 4th - 6.0s I have a 160 bhp Astra diesel as well and that does those in 3.5 and 5.1 but it doesn't actually feel as quick and I only get 40mpg rather than 60. I recommend anyone to get the superchips remap for the Yaris, it turns it into a very quick little a to b car. Still has lag pulling away though :) Andy
  2. The Aygo gearing is ridiculous. It's all to help fuel economy of course but it really blunts acceleration. 2nd will take you to above 60, 3rd to 90. For a car who's top speed is less than 100 that is silly. 5th is geared for 145mph Andy
  3. Jan, you have been great on the Aygo forum over the years. The Picante forum will be very lucky. So the Kia makes people more attractive to girls eh? I must get one ! Or two. All the best. Andy
  4. How about this for a tankful 600 miles and 2 blobs left. And that's after a Superchips conversion that does this http://www.superchips.co.uk/curves/Yaris1.4d4d.pdf 30-50 in 3rd gear in 4.0 seconds flat and 70+ mpg, this is a cracking diesel engine. Best over a small distance of 50 miles or so is this http://www.zen141854.zen.co.uk/mpg.jpg On the latest tankful of juice after 150 miles I am doing 71, that's with a blast up to 70, certainly not 95, on the motorway home tonight. Andy
  5. Yes it is a reflash. In gear figures now BEFORE 3rd and 4th 3rd 30-50 4.7 50-70 6.4 30-70 11.1 4th 30-50 6.7 50-70 6.5 30-70 13.1 AFTER 3rd 30-50 4 50-70 5.1 30-70 9.1 4th 30-50 6 50-70 5.5 30-70 11.5 good gains, you can tell why it feels faster, now you can use 3rd gear up to 70mph for overtaking and get gains. Andy
  6. Well in my 200kg heavier Yaris I can get this Which shows that the Aygo is overgeared and needs the diesel engine. I'm sure it could do 80mpg then in standard driving. As a note, the most I got out of my 67bhp Aygo in 25000 miles was 61mpg. After 2000 miles in my Superchipped Yaris with 112bhp my best is 73mpg over 300 miles. And it's a lot faster. Stick my engine in the Aygo and you would have a cracking car. Range would be about 650 miles. Andy
  7. Yep they are pants. Replace both discs and pads with EBC, the pads the green version and you will not look back. No lipping, no extreme wear and you actually get a lot more bite from touching the pedal, the normal ones are too spongy on first application. Andy
  8. Like Jas's comment I'm confused? Unless you're trying to wind us all up? Both your methods above result in exactly the same thing? The only way to properly work out your mpg is... 1) Fill your tank to the brim, 2) zero your tripometer, 3) drive until you need to refuel (ideally as far as possible to give an accurate reading) 4) Fill your tank to the brim again (remember to hold onto the receipt and note mileage from the trip on it) 5) Divide number of litres by 4.54 to give you number of gallons 6) Divide number of miles driven by number of gallons to get your MPG. e.g 32 litres divided by 4.54 = 7.05 gallons. 400 miles divided by 7.05 = 56.7mpg An even easier way is to enter the info from your receipt into a website that does it all for you, e.g fuelly I also use the free app "Road Trip" Both of these systems have the benefit of allowing you to track your mpg over time & require no maths. Sorry fellas, I should've been clearer (I was speaking what I was thinking!)... what I was saying was that the way I'd been working it in the app was like this: On the day I'd fill up, I would enter my mileage (since last fill up) as well as the figures from today's fill-up (pence per litre, total litres I've put in today). The website was telling me to enter my mileage (since last fill up), coupled with the figures from that last fill up (pence per litre, total litres I put in for that tank), in essence giving an average fuel economy for that stint of fuel, and how many miles I managed to travel on that tank. I've probably confused you all even more now :P anyway... I would sit and work it out with a calculator etc but the app is accurate and just makes the whole thing easier... I think I'd just been using it incorrectly. I averaged 55.9 mpg (55.87 to be precise) on the last tank, managed 462 miles on 37.59 litres of fuel (despite the manual saying the tank is 35 litres... it varies every time). So I think that's probably the way of working it out. The app doesn't obviously make it easier, you are now posting questions about it when you could be doing a calculation of total number of miles driven / gallons used or litres. How simply is that? Andy
  9. Rubbish, stop posting FUD. When the light starts flashing you have about about 4 litres left. There are 2 levels of flashing, when you get really low it flashes faster. If you haven't seen the flashing getting faster then don't worry, just go into the next petrol station, you will be alright. Andy PS I did about 20 miles on the fast flash so on slow flash unless you are ragging it or in a town crawl you will have about 35-45 at least. Andy
  10. The superchips performance increase has not affected the mpg Andy
  11. Hi, Yep they are good cars, the gearbox is jerky 1st to 2nd as it only allows you to change up at 14mph, but they do great fuel ecomomy and with a superchips conversion pull really well in 2nd 3rd and 4th for general driving. Good choice. Andy
  12. Personally given the Aygo seems to be made completely out of parts costing less than £1.99 I think they should charge the cost of the part, ie £1.99. Same with the £1.99 brake discs and £1.99 clutches that seem to need replacing before 20 000 miles too. Maybe that would force them to spend a bit more on them. I am now driving a Yaris and it is a lot better made. As we my old one before it. I loved my Aygo (RIP) but you have to say it is not up to normal Toyota standards apart from the engine. Which is not even from Toyota ;) Andy
  13. Ok, the Yaris has now has a Superchips conversion, you get approximately 20% more power and torque http://www.superchips.co.uk/curves/Yaris1.4d4d.pdf Car does feel a lot more nippy now when the boost comes in from the turbo. Using a racelogic datalogger did a 0-60 run, results below http://www.zen141854.zen.co.uk/chipped.jpg 0-60 down from 11.3 to 10.2s, would have been sub 10 except the guys at superchips seem to have kept the original boost in 1st, perhaps to safeguard clutch and gearbox, which is pretty sensible! I'll get some in gear times early next week. Andy
  14. Hi All, First time post on this forum after getting a 2008 version of the above. Previously I had a 2008 Aygo so I mainly posted on that part of the forum but as I have a new Yaris, due to the Aygo having a slight prang, I am posting here as my new home. Obviously going from a 1.0 naturally aspirated Aygo 3 pot to a Yaris Diesel is a big sea change I am still getting used to, in the Aygo you had to rev the nuts off it, in the Yaris you have to row it along on the torque of course so I am re-adjusting my mind set. Initial positive thoughts about the Yaris? Far far more punchy in gear. Downsides? Where the Yaris is like sitting on a strong but dull Hoover the Aygo was a lot more interesting and fun. A to B car, Yaris all the way, B road blast Aygo trumps the more expensive Yaris. Right, a comparison 0-60, Yaris in the blue corner, Aygo in the red http://www.zen141854.zen.co.uk/compare.JPG As you can see more or less matched 0-60 but the MMT Yaris has to do one more gearshift which means it loses a second. This is to be expected as the MMT gearbox is designed to be safe rather than quick ( 900ms!!) but even so it looks like the Yaris gearshift has more inbuilt safety than the Aygo, perhaps due to all that torque? Other things of note is that off the line the Aygo stomped away due to some wheelspin, something I didn't get in the Yaris with it's heavier engine. However the Yaris strikes back with linear drive all the way through where the torqueless Aygo wavers on the trace with dips and bobbles as the road I went over was not flat, it had slight gradients and it gets very ragged towards the end where the power drops off. In all though, much more powerful but heavy ( 1100 v 900 ) Yaris is punch for punch matched with the Aygo 0-60mph. Of course the Yaris kills the Aygo in gear. 50-70mph in 5th for the Aygo = 17s, for the Yaris 10s.And gets better fuel figures. It's more for my wife than me though ;) More Yaris performance figures to come. Andy
  15. Awesome. Just want sure if the bigger ET was going to be an issue. That offset is getting marginal, do they do a 35-40 instead? It probably will be ok though. I think the other guy dropping his car 70/80 is also pretty marginal too. Andy
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