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  1. Dull and boring compared to which other cars? .. to cars of same class and type as the Avensis, not in my opinion. I'm very satisfied with my Avensis Wagon D4D, march 2005 model. - Comfort is superb, other users in here complain about noiselevels from wheels but I personally haven't had these problems - handling fine for its size (mine is lowered though) - engine is ok. I would consider the 177hp 2.2 litre instead, if I was buying now. Have tried the 150hp and aren't impressed with that. - Looks are great, but that isn't objective :-) Now, I have also put over £6000 in it extra for e.g. alloys, lowering, tinting, cruisecontrol, preheater and such. Just after delivery:
  2. Zz24hours

    New Avensis

    But 16" does? IMO 16" is small for a car that size and 15" not even to be considered, would look rubbish on it. considering sizes that small, it would be better of just sticking with standard steel
  3. No problem Liam and it work's fine mate, nice vensi Looking good Christian B) Btw when you find out the date's for DFC let me know please Christian as i might try to pop over for a visit ;) ← Thanks I'll try and remember to poste the date, when its official. Sadly I wasn't at DFC this year myself, have been busy working on the house and taking care of the girls ;) Thanks man. Yo Got a very nice ride to. I have never been in Jels :P hehe, so it must be sombody whith a simular avensis like mine. LIAM.MCGLOIN Very nice ride to you to. ← LOL, sorry .. thought this was yours, but looking at the banner I'm guessing that yours is the black one Heres another pic of it, Taken in Jels If that isn't the same car, they sure are very similar
  4. Then I will poste some too ;) (Btw .. Kongen, I see your car every year in Jels, Denmark .. nice ride ) well then, my car - my birthday present for myself earlier this year
  5. Trouble is you need one hand free all the time for when the ride rattles your teeth out. :D ← Either you have the worst roades overthere, or you are simply to picky about your rides. My avensis has 18" alloys fitted with 225/40 Goodyear F1 GD3 and also lowered 30mm, TTE-springs. Took a testdrive in the 150hk 2.2 liter with standard wheels and can say, that there is no loss of comfort in my car compared to that.
  6. Regarding size of alloys - I'm driving 18" with 225/40 Goodyear F1 GDS - and have no problems with neither comfort nor noise ;-)
  7. As to disabling the alarm, see my thread here ;) http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=38007 Maybe the previous owner has disabled the sensor in drivers seat himself? Opening the boot - there shouldn't be a problem opening it when turned on, sounds like a fault
  8. This I know, and I can feel, holding the stick, that engine and gearbox are moving in all gears, but still not affecting the gearstick as it does in 5.th
  9. Yes, only in the 5th. gear - can compare it to 5th gear in older cars, where syncro is worn. I'd better take a testdrive with the dealer
  10. From day one, my 5th gear causes the gear lever to work fairly much back and forth when accellerating/decellerating ... is this normal? Haven't had a chance to try another D4D to see if this is similar to mine Not really a problem, just a bit annoying if it can be fixed.
  11. I think Runboy is referring to another noise then the one from the TRC test at startup. I've experienced this noise too - it sometimes happens when accellerating with cold engine or driving with high load, e.g. a heavy trailer. Have also experienced it in hard acceleration on warm engine. Pointed it out to the dealer, but they haven't heard of it before and couldn't provoke it at service, so no help there.
  12. The company I've bought mine at, is also offering to tweak it - so I'll get it sortet out at some point, only problem being that I am not living near by them Haven't gotten a better mpg out of it yet, but have also only been driving it on holiday through germany till now, so we will see when I have completed a normal tank :-) I maxed at 205 km/h according to GPS btw. A friend in his tuned Picnic 2.2 TD 136hp had no chance at all and another friends Carina E 2.0 had no advantage until we hit 170 km/h. This is on 18" and fully packed - I'm satisfied :D
  13. I've fitted a box from powerklick in mine. Torque is remarkably better and HP also better, but only relevant for topspeed Do have problems with it though - at speeds around 140 km/h and decellerating in gear, causes the car to jump into safe-mode, meaning loss of all power, I have absolutely no idea as to why. Restarting engine gets the car out of safe-mode, but management lights stays on.
  14. I've just done 200+ km/h on the Autobahn this holiday, and didn't notice these problems. Mine is a 2005 model though. Topspeed acording to GPS was 205 km/h - but it took a while getting there.
  15. Just use Google and write "56mpg in l/100km". It works. T. ← thanks :-) Well - the best reading BC have shown me was 40,2mpg where my real usage was 43 Normally it shows about 2 mpg from the correct, the wrong way :!Removed!: .. my real average mpg for the 8.000 miles I've covered in it, is 35,3 mpg
  16. That I do know, and mine can show avg mpg, but I thought we were asked for the real mpg :-)
  17. since we are using kilometers and liters overhere, I need somewhere to convert km/l or l/100km ;-)
  18. there are no bulbs in the switchers :-( I've noticed that my handbrake feels lose and it is like the car rolls a bit before cathing on and then it brakes just fine
  19. Well - I hope you didn't put in £3500 of ICE, so that others can hear it. The sound is for your listening pleasure, not for others to be annoyed by ;-) btw, technically - sound passing through the car, would mean distortion inside of it, am I right? Sorry, just don't understand why you'd want others to hear that its loud - chances are that they will most likely think that you are an idiot :-D On another note - my experience is that saloon cars are better at keeping the sound inside of the car than hatchbacks (and also harder to get bass into the cabin). Try and get some passageways from the trunk to the cabin, the simple way is letting the back of the backseats down.
  20. I'll have to agree with Familyfitz. None of my previous Toyotas (Corolla '90 - 210.000km, Corolla '95 - 130.000km and Carina E '92 - 280.000km!) used a drop of oil. Don't expect my brand new Avensis to use any either - and if it does, I'll be dissapointed
  21. Why on earth would you like your car to be loud outside of it? In my old cars, which had extra car-fi, I loved the fact that no major sound was getting outside of the car. If I needed to let others know that the car was loud, I'd open the windows ;-)
  22. about disabling key alarm Sofar I've been told 2 things: One says that it is as simple as removing the wiring, but then another says - one that have done it on a few - that the only way to get around this alarm, is by opening the instruments and physically removing the alarm/bell Problem being that the systems is also checking the coded keys, and removing the wiring will mean that you can't start the car. I'll return when/if I find the final solution.
  23. I'll ask right away about that key warning ;-) Charles F. Thanks - we are tought english practically from the very beginning overhere
  24. figured you'd like it @ Nick. Thanks for update about enabling it again, hadn't thought of that .. silly me :D @Proviguy. No, the flashing light stays on - but as you say, when wearing the seatbelt anyways it doesn't matter. The tip is only to stop that annoying alarm in the few situations where putting on the seatbelt is nonsence. e.g. my driveway is fairly long, and having emptied the mail-box coming home, I really don't need to put it back on. Driving around between the different containers at the recycling center was also pretty annoying. @ Smithian. Hehe .. in my opinion, the roadnoise haven't gotten worse since Carina E, Avensis I and II - all the other noises have just been eliminated ;) @Ulro, yes it does. If i hear of other tips, I'll post them. I'd personally like that the alarm for having the key in the ignition was shut off. Hate it.
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