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  1. I want to retro fit an auto dim rear view mirror to my 2009 Verso. Can anybody tell me whether the wiring is already in place and what might be involved doing the job?
  2. weebrian

    High Revs?

    For the last couple of weeks my 2009 diesel Verso has been revving whilst stationary at 1200 rather than the usual 900. Along with this has also been a marked increase in fuel consumption by about 10%. Today, with temperatures a little higher it is back to normal. I've never found this problem with other diesel cars, so is it a fault or typical of this model? Anyone out there experienced the same problem?
  3. So I would assume from the previous comments that there hasn't been a scientific look at this and there isn't likely to be unless some independent organisation such as Which is prepared to finance what would probably be an expensive operation. Never mind. I'll just go on doing what I do now and get my average 47mpg.
  4. I must admit that I am confused by individual reports on various forums concerning the quality of supermarket diesel as opposed to the branded variety. I have owned several diesel cars over a considerable number of years including Audi, Hyundai, Ford and my present Verso and have never noticed any difference in performance from one supplier to another. Has any scientific analysis of this ever been carried out or are we to rely on anecdotal evidence from a relatively small number of owners who have convinced themselves that there is a difference? No doubt an argument that will go on and on but
  5. The sensors should be fitted to operate when you engage reverse gear. The bleep as you engage is an indication that they are in operation. As you reverse near to an obstruction they will bleep faster and faster the closer you approach eventually giving a continuous tone when you are about eighteen inches away. It's safer to stop as soon as the continuous tone sounds as different types and heights of anything in the way may affect how close you actually are.
  6. I've got the later '09 Verso and use the one fitted round the post in front of the door. I'm very happy with it but don't know if it's available for your model. If you are using a Tom Tom, I see that they are now selling a universal air vent mount.
  7. weebrian

    Oil Change

    My first reaction if the oil light came on would be to check the oil level. Very low oil is the usual cause of the light coming on.
  8. It does work with the manual. If you follow the correct sequence to set it all door locks open if you open the drivers door within ten seconds of switching the engine off. Sorry, can't remember where in the manual the instructions are.
  9. On previous cars which I have owned, only the drivers window continues to open at the touch of the switch unless stopped. This has never been a problem. The other windows stopped opening when the switch was released. On occasions I need to open the rear windows of my new Verso when my dog needs some fresh air. This causes problems as it seems to take some juggling of the switch to get the window open at the right position and to do this means looking over my shoulder. This is not really something that I want to do whilst moving especially if it is the drivers side. Am I just being picky or do
  10. Ever had your windscreen replaced? If you have and it's not been fitted properly, you've found the problem.
  11. Why don't you go in to a Toyota dealership and take a look?
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