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  1. red91

    Wtb Oem Head Unit

    hey i just bought a 91 tercel for $400 it comes with speakers but the guy took out his stereo head unit, so im just lookin for someone who bought a aftermarket stereo and doesnt know what the hell to do with thier stock one
  2. sorry to whose ever yellow car that is but it SUCKS! the other day i saw an old honda with a Z24 ground effects it was acctually kind of cool now that i think about it <_<
  3. B) ive owned an 89 chevy cavalier for a few years now and i love the thing. i recently picked up a 91 tercel as a beater so i could do some work to the cavalier (new v6 :D ) and have also began to grow fond of my beater car. at first i planned on just keeping it for a few years then getting rid of the thing, but that seams to be changing now. its a red 91 2 door 4 spd with basically no options, but thats what you get for $400 in california. anyway now that ive went on and on i have a few questions. 1. i was told these things also came with 5 spds, how difficult would a swap be from 4 spd manual to 5 spd. i figure it should be straight foreward seeing as how both are manuals, ive done it before on the cavalier but that was from auto to manual and i had to change a bunch of crap halfshafts this and that, kinda sucked 2. can anyone recomend some good parts that work in toyotas, for example gm cars work best with acdelco spark plugs where as fords work best with autolites. ive always been a domestic car guy but thought id give toyota a try
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