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  1. After 39 months and 29,909 miles I have traded in the Verso. It has been a very good car and done what it said on the tin, been versatile family transport. Many thanks to all the forum members for any advice they have given over the years. :group-cuddles: If anyone in the Glasgow area (I think that is where it will be sold) picks up an 08 plate Verso SR I may be able to let you know what to look for. Time to find out what the VAG group can do in the shape of a Skoda Roomster (1.2 105bhp, 7 speed DSG) :)
  2. Can we assume the A/C was not working before the gas refill and this was the reason you had the work done? If this is the case then you should question the diagnosis and the attempted fix.
  3. Obviously there are a few things you have already tried and maybe you have already been through these suggestions but here goes: The car is supplied with 2 keys, does the same thing happen with either? Would the dealer let you have another car of the same spec for a 2 week trial period to see if the same thing happens? If the same thing happens no matter what key is used it would suggest the fault lies within the car electronics not the key electronics. If the same thing happens with a completely different car it would suggest it is something to do with environmental factors around the key/car. Either way just applying the tests above might help to narrow down the problem. As a side note on the Verso if you accidentally unlock the car and no doors are opened within a set time it automatically re-locks itself.
  4. Not sure the Verso has any specific issues. Just things that would effect most cars of a certain age clutches, timing belts/chains for diesels the dual mass flywheel (DMF) and air mass sensor. Just check everything works, seats fold/unfold all the electrics etc and make sure you have a service history you can check for repeating or unusual faults.
  5. hertsnminds


    Can you explain the symptoms, sounds, etc.If the ABS is working you should feel the brake pedal pumping, or pushing back against your foot, but this should only be under hard pressure on the pedal. Do you have an empty car park or quiet dead end road you can test the system on? The other thing you could do is find a Toyota dealer and ask for a test drive in a similar spec car to see how it behaves compared to yours. Does the same thing happen when braking from moving backwards as well as forwards?
  6. Can't see a TR trim level badge on the rear of the car so I would assume a typo in the advert (you see lots of bad descriptions on car adverts) and it is a lower spec model. If you have a Toyota dealer local to you see how man cars have a trim level badge on the back. My old shape Verso has an SR badge but even the SR spec changed within 2 months of me buying the car.
  7. Was it long enough ago that there was no child seat legislation or even further back when there was no seatbelt legislation? The reason for asking is these are two of the reasons for needing a wider space, so the doors can be fully opened to make sure the child is in the seat and the belt done up correctly.As others have said if the child needs a booster seat then you need the wider space. I also agree that ALL spaces should be wide enough to fully open the car doors on both sides without touching another vehicle. A further bug-bear (whilst we are moaning about supermarket car parks) are the lazy so and so's who abandon their trolleys allowing them to roll or be blown about the car park bashing into cars or blocking parking spaces.
  8. If you are aiming for 50 - 60 mpg you are not even half way there... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpressnews/267802/skoda_fabia_smashes_economy_record.html 127.9 mpg 1,246 miles from 45 litres, do you care that the car is a diesel manual if it can get you twice as far for the same money as an auto hybrid? In all of these comparison and hyper-miler headlines what really matters is does the car work for YOU. If you drive in town and less than 100 miles a day then a Geee Whizz or Nissan Leaf might be perfect. Spend your days up and down the motorway, then a diesel auto might do the job. Why do a majority of lorries and buses use diesel engines if they are more costly to run than other technology?
  9. There should be 1 clunk every time you start the car and move off, this is the ABS/traction control checking itself. If your car had very worn pads/discs then it may have been trying to recalibrate or re check the system until it had a valid reading. If you are getting conflicting information from the supplying garage I would get a third party to check things over, either a Toyota garage or the AA/RAC who will do used car checks for non members (for a fee). Once you have another opinion you can go back to the supplying garage with a time scale for full repairs after which time you will reject the vehicle. Bear in mind the more you use the car the more evidence the supplying garage has that the faults are not serious.
  10. You could have a look at the Government website listing all vehicle registrations you should be able to see how many were taxed in the UK last year http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/statistics/datatablespublications/vehicles/licensing/
  11. What about the power outlet for rear seat passengers, not sure if every spec Verso has it but in my SR it is at the bottom of the centre console. Not sure which fuse to look for.
  12. Remember there was a facelift and spec change in 2009 so you may find you get less kit for your money on the newer model. Had my 08 plate SR spec since new and have to say with 25,000 miles just coming up on the clock it only just feels like it is run in. From my experience the car does what it says on the tin, versatile family transport. I am sure you can find owners with good and bad experiences of any car but my experience of the Verso is all good :)
  13. |Sorry I don't have the DVD player in my car so I don't know if all LEDS should light or some are for one channel and some for the other. Your best bet if no one on the forums knows is to pop into a Toyota dealer and ask.
  14. Apart from following all the steps in the owners manual, maybe this will help http://www.fixya.com/support/t1443986-no_sound_from_wireless_headphones_in Even though it is a different Toyota.
  15. Fitting non manufacturer spec tyres will effect your insurance, they will not pay out if you have an accident. If you do fit them you need to inform the insurance company and see if they will still cover you or modify your premium to continue cover.
  16. I think if you search the forum you find that the T180 is most definitely not very economical. The standard D4D with a 0-60 under 10 seconds (old shape) is fine for the driving I do and let's face it who would be choosing the Verso for it's sporting credentials? It is designed to be a people/child carrier as well as having a very versatile interior.
  17. Over the last three years mine has returned the published combined MPG just over 44. On a motorway run this easily gets into the 50's. With just under 25,000 miles on the clock I would say the engine is just about coming into it's own in terms of performance and economy. You need at least 10k on the clock for the engine to start giving decent MPG figures but the same is true of most diesels.
  18. And that is the big difference before you buy something you deal with the sales team and all they have to do is convince you to buy the product. Once you have made the purchase you are dealing with a completely different and less well paid team of people. Compare the sales and marketing budgets of most companies with the service and support budgets then spot the difference.I have found you will get more response from a marketing department to a complaint than a service department. If the PR machine thinks they are going to get some bad press they have the bucks to do something about it.
  19. If there is a pump and glue kit then there will be no spare. It is either pump and glue OR tyre, jack and wrench. Why would a manufacturer put both?
  20. GAP insurance may well be a useful product. However, as others have said and just like any other financial product you can find better prices by shopping around. Also consider the fact that most standard insurance in the first year of a car's life will pay full market value for the vehicle if it is written off (so paying for 3 year cover only gives you 2 years of cover).
  21. Way back in the dawn of time, just before Euro rules and regulations the best fuel economy was always quoted at 56mph (now known as extra urban). If you bear in mind the 10% error your speedo is allowed you should find the best mpg in any car will be 56mph actual or up to an indicated 62mph. For whatever reason the gearing ratios always give the best MPG at this speed it doesn't matter how many cogs (if any) the gearbox (drivetrain) has.
  22. It has to base it's calculations on average MPG. So if your average MPG before you fill up is 10 the range will be less than an average MPG of 50. Compare the range AND average MPG figure when you next fill up.
  23. Your best bet is to just go down to Mothercare and ask them. The problem is a Hilux is not classed as a car, it is a commercial vehicle the same as a transit would be, so does not undergo the same crash and safety testing as a car. For example there is no Euro NCAP safety rating for it.
  24. Can't say I have noticed it on my 08 SR D-4D. Are you test driving cars with the same engine? Does the garage you are using have any cars that do not pull to the left?
  25. This is just something that more and more manufacturers are doing these days. Giving you less for your money. The old shape Verso in SR spec has kit that can only be matched by a T-Spirit in the new shape. There is a post somewhere on the forum about retro fitting CC to a standard Corolla but the parts look the same as they are in the (old shape) Verso. Not sure if everything has been changed to a CANbus type system or it is dedicated wiring on the newer cars.
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