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  2. First post here on TOC, so hi ! Thanks to the OP for the heads up on this. Just ordered what appears to be the exact same bulb from ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231776460746 Coming from China, so may take a couple of weeks. Significantly cheaper than horizonleds though. Keen to try these in new Auris and will update. Hi, I bought these from Horizon LEDs and I paid £124 for them and they're exactly the same kit, to get these for £33 is quite a saving and i feel like i've been mugged by Horizon. I ordered from them on 3 separate occasions and I ca
  3. Have you checked the fuse inside the power inverter plug? all devices that use the 12v socket have their own fuse inside.
  4. Hi speed chaser, I suggest you google "nextbase in car cam 402 g manual" go to nextbase UK downloads and then to 402g profesional in your choice of language and download a PDF, This will give you all the info you need about the various modes and operation of the camera, most of these cams work in the same way but this one is excellent in that it works properly, My previous 2 cams were both G1W and both were junk so i got the 402g and it is the best yet, even if you don't get the camera the manual is excellent infomation for anyone with a car cam. Regards Chris
  5. Happy Birthday UK Republic!

  6. Unfortunately your puncture is at the limits of how far towards the edge the repair plug can go, in this case the only way to tell is to remove the tyre and check the position of the plug on the inside of the tyre as the radius of the side wall is smaller inside and if the plug ends up on the radius it cannot be fitted Unfortunately you are wrong, Here is a chart you can download from etyres.co.uk which will tell you exactly the portion of the tyre which can be repaired, this will prevent guessing games and people who don't know ( not you of course, I mean tyre fitters and service managers who
  7. Hello. Has anyone else had problems getting a free tyre repair ( without an appointment ) as promised by Toyota, Last Monday I noticed a nail in the n/s/r tyre, I phoned Johnsons in Liverpool to make an appointment the following day and I arrived there at 10.10 am, I was told it would be at least 3 hours before they could look at it, as i had no time to wait i left and decided to go elsewhere. After arriving in Southend on sea Thursday i phoned Lancaster Toyota in Rayleigh to make an appointment friday, arriving there 10.45 am I was told it could be all day before they could look at it so I le
  8. Hi 123pame, They look exactly like the CC unit I bought from Thailand, for that price it has got to be worth trying, I paid £20 for mine inc delivery. here is a pic of mine during fitting, looks the same to me, go for it!
  9. My car has a jack in the compartment right hand side of the boot, it also has a wheel brace, I bought a plug type tyre repair kit to keep in the boot in case I could fix a puncture myself. As for the tyre sealant problem, if you have a puncture and have to use it then you can go to a Toyota dealer and they will repair the puncture free of charge without the need to make an appointment. I bought the 'Dynaplug' kit which I hope will save a lot of messing about with the repair goo, the last pucture I had was fixed by Toyota with a rubber plug, so i assume they are safe to use. Hope this helps re
  10. This is page 570 of my 1.6 SR handbook, it quite clearly states the correct oil to be used but in my experience they will put in whatever is the cheapest for them, I know this from experience, the service manager even told me the 0W- 20 was for the hybrid only and just gave me a load of B/S and lies.
  11. I bought my CC switch from Kbank 477 Thailand on ebay, £20 inc delivery, April 2011 and it works perfectly, the best £20 i ever spent without a doubt. Why do so many people refer to the main dealers as "stealers" ? it seems rather silly to me, is it because it rhymes? personally I prefer genuine Toyota parts on my Toyota because I trust Toyota, if I had an old banger.... Removing airbag .. there are no screws but if you push the eraser end of a pencil into the hole it will release a spring clip on one side, push the pencil into the other side and it will release the airbag, ( I use a cut down
  12. These are the "darkened effect halogen headlights" standard on the 2010 SR, same as on my car.
  13. Hi, What is this and where can i put one from? That one was my first attempt and it is the lid off a jar filled with resin with 2 small bolts. A big advantage of having the mount over the air vent is it keeps the sat nav cool in hot weather. 2nd try. a bit too high 3rd lower and wider They are both the lower part of cans with resin and bolts. I am now working on a black annodised mount.
  14. Have you checked if there is a fuse missing?
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