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    Dealer pics
  2. From experience I'd stay well clear of anything french!! I've just bought a 1.0 Yaris and it's the bees knees. I reckon it'll happily do a 160 mile round trip without any bother! Go get it!! :D
  3. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: :D Well Hello! I'm back as a fully fledged Yaris Owner. I bought the car, sold mine for a good price and happily drove away yesterday afternoon. I must tell you, the Yaris is a girls paradise... I mean how many little cubby holes are there to stash all your crap in? It's like an oversized handbag!! Sorry, slight girlie moment there :P Anyways, lovely little car to drive. A LOT different to what I'm used to but I simply don't do the mileage I did and we always use the Other Half's car if we're going anywhere together. I normally just run back and forwards to work\shops and visiting friends n family these days, so it's perfect for me. Took the car over to my partner's parents last night and both he and his Dad looked at the engine and chuckled away because it's so small and tiny. My partner has also already named the car as 'little sh*t' - in a nice way mind, it's his way of saying he likes it! Anyways, just wanted to say, thanks for all your help and advice on here and I'll hopefully have some long happy motoring ahead. It's the first car I've ever owned that's been old enough to have an MOT and hopefully the most reliable car I'll ever have!! 8 cars in 7 years of driving!
  4. Thanks for your replies folks. I'm pretty set on getting this car, but the deal has got to be good. I'm currently awaiting a phone call back to see how much they are going to give me for my current car. So depending on figures, I may just be popping back here as a new yaris owner. Cheers!!
  5. It's a Vauxhall dealership but has a large stock of various used cars. He says it comes with a standard 3 months warranty which I think will do because the car seems to be reliable. Just wondering from experience of others would £400 actually be worth the money especially as we have a car mechanic in the family who can get cheap parts if anything was to go wrong.
  6. I'm looking at buying a 1.0 VVT-i T3 Yaris. 2005 05 Plate with only 21k miles. I'm in two minds about forking out £400 for the 12 month warrenty with the dealer - Evans Halshaw. I've looked into the reliabilty etc of owners and it seems to be a solid car. Would you think it's worth it? Also, is there anything I should be looking out for with this car that is a known problem? Cheers. Mandy
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