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  1. Happy Birthday v8victor!

  2. Hi, i had sensor's fitted to mine at pdi by the dealer, after a short while they started to beep whenever i put it in reverse, but only during the day, after four unsucsessful visit's to the dealer i realised that it was only when it was hot i had the problem, when they fitted the sensor's they never rustproofed the hole's or/and made them slightly to small, so when it was hot the bumper expanded closing the hole on the sensor's or/and the hole's had rusted clamping the sensor's to tightly,so they beeped continually when in reverse,the sensor needs to vibrate to send a signal, so i removed the
  3. hi Darren, have replied to your message, if you do as i did it will sort it, Geoff.
  4. I think you can get them from Toyota now... Hilux Heated Mirrors Hi, has anyone actually purchased one of these mirror heater kit's if so where from, dealer/ebay etc?? i would love to fit a set as i is something these truck's really lack. cheer's.
  5. [Parade Rain /ON] I wouldnt fit reversing sensors to the mk6 Hilux rear bumper even if you get the ones intended for pickups!! My mk6 bumper started rusting a few months after the sensors were fitted - rust all around the holes where the sensors fit. The bumper was swapped under warranty as it was all done by Toyota but the new bumper rusted within months too. After that i complained, got a third bumper and a refund on my reversing sensor kit. I went for a Meta system like this that mounts behind the number plate. No drilling required, no rusty bumper, no false alerts - recommend it 100% Hi,
  6. i have a 2007 3l invincible with a rattle behind the dash to the left of centre close to the screen which occurs in high gears under load, ie loading engine when accelerating in high gear or towing, been on www.newhilux.net in Australia, they have the same issue but no one says what the cure is apart from that it is some metal lugs rattling against the dash mountings, can anyone be more specific or describe what to do to cure the rattle please, yours v8.
  7. i run a 3l invincible on standard wheels/tyres in the summer, in the winter i fit a set of 16 x8 alloys with 165/70/16 bfg all terrians, as i do most of my off roading etc in the winter, truck sits higher, wheel/tyres fill the arches better only problem is occaisionally in a lock going over uneven ground front tyres catch the wheel arch liner very slightly, have checked with wheels off no damage is done, could be a cheaper option.
  8. Hi, my 07 3.0 d4d invincible had the same rattle, once ambient temp got below 10c the engine had a severe detenation/diesel knock untill engine warm, new injectors cured completetely :) :)
  9. 26-27 is good, i get similar out of my auto, which has been chipped by Owen Developments. I would avoid any other chips apart from the Toyota one (which costs £750) as they all have a reputation for malfunctioning and putting you into limp mode. Unfortunately Owen dont make them anymore due to lack of demand, although i know of at least 6 people who now want one since they've stopped making them!! Any other questions PM me i was getting nearly 800ks to a tank out of mine I have a 1994 Surf 3.0 SSRX Diesel Auto and, on a good day, get about 8.4 kilometres per litre (or about 24 miles per ga
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