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  1. I got a new phone, and I can't remember how to set the car to discoverable mode and can't find my manual :( Anyone know off hand how to do it?
  2. The Aygo is going bye bye, and Hello Hello to the Avensis. Went for a test drive on Friday and loved it. £13,495 with mats flaps full tank of petrol first years tax and first years service included. Great Success!
  3. Well I'd rather not have to replace the stereo again due to a thieving scumbag, so it would be worth it. It would also hopefully put my insurance down a bit. Mr T do an alarm that will interface with the Aygo, it includes sensors in the door pillars to detect movement inside the car and a siren mounted inside car very loud, this goes off together with the car horn, it has its own back up power. got its own fob as well. The price? £350 ish fitted, so you can get cheaper away from Mr T, but I got one fitted when I got the car. I'll call my local dealer and see if they can get it fitted. I understand it mightn't put my insurance down much, but I would rather not lose another stereo. I have started taking the faceplate off with me when I am not in the car and leaving the glovebox down to show it isn't in there, ofcourse this probably wont stop somone smashing the window.
  4. Well I'd rather not have to replace the stereo again due to a thieving scumbag, so it would be worth it. It would also hopefully put my insurance down a bit.
  5. Can I get one put in? Got my stereo replaced and the car finally has no more broken glass in it, But I don't fancy losing another stereo, and I'd quite like to catch the next buggers in the act and introduce them to MC Hammer. Is there on I can get fitted officially?
  6. I still have my stock stereo sitting in the house, suppose I should sell it!
  7. Well it's been nearly a month since it happened, not having a stereo is crap!! I just kept the face of it in the glovebox but I've learned the hard way and in the future I will always bring the face of the stereo into the house with me. Really it can be investigated? i was just going to say I am not happy about how long the claim has taken and that I would rather keep my no claims bonus. Seeing as the whole thing was reported to the police and they came out and saw the damage to the car and the missing stereo, I don't think I need to worry about them saying it was a fake claim. A couple of hundred pound that I can pay off in 2 months or so I wouldn't really consider debt.
  8. Now just the small matter of getting the stereo replaced!!!! THe insurance company are taking the mick with how long its been, going to call up on monday and cancel and get an overdraft and just replace the stereo myself, will save my no claims bonus. Might upgrade the front speakers while Im at it :D
  9. This is the only good thing about the Aygo not having a glovebox lid, less likely to leave the face on view. My aygo has the glovebox lid, when i get the stereo replaced ill be keeping the face in the house from now on!
  10. the face did come off but i only kept it in the glove box. Im going to keep it in the house from now on!!! No guarantee the little f**kers wont come back but if they do and I catch them, HULK SMASH! (with a conveniently placed hammer).
  11. Didnt find out until wednesday morning when I went out to go to work. Front passenger window was smashed and the stereo was removed, my aftermarket one , apline ida-x100 :( Police came round, said they coudlnt get any evidence because it had been raining, what a shock. Got the window replaced but there is still loads of glass in the car im having trouble getting out, and god knows how long it is going to be until I get the money from the insurance company to replace the stereo. Should I go ahead and get it replaced now or wait for potentially over a month until the insurance money comes through? My car wasnt the only one broken into in the street so the wee f**kers had obviously checked the area out. They even took my !Removed! car charger for my phone!!!!!
  12. Well, mine has been back for a few days now and there were some SERIOUS storms here over the weekend, and all seems well. No more leaks hopefully!
  13. Got the aygo back last night, had a proper look at it this morning after the rain, no leaks :D They replaced the cloth on the back seat, also said water was getting in through the rear brake lights replaced them and the seals in the roof. Here's hoping it don't happen again!
  14. Just left my aygo in to get looked at. Signed a thing before I left saying the work was being done under warranty so if they tried to charge me they can go <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>!
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