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  1. As far as I know the 3cte engine used in the estima emina/lucida 93 onwards is also used in the UK Toyota Picnic. Estima's before that date use the same engine but with a mechanical injection pump, not a electronically controlled injection pump, hence the 'E'.
  2. Check fluid level is correct when warm. If you have an owners manual go with the instructions otherwise try this. Drive for 10-15 miles. With engine still runing move the gear selector through all selections(with handbrake+footbrake applied). Then move selector back to park, LEAVE ENGINE RUNNING. Remove autobox dipstick and wipe then reinsert. remove and check fluid is between the notches for the hot reading. If low add a little at a time till near the top of the 'hot' notch. DO NOT OVERFILL. This can cause the fluid to foam up and the selector valves will not funcition properly. If it is overfull drain excess off. The only other options apart from those in other replys is to have the gearbox checked over by an autobox service centre.
  3. I have a strange warning light that looks a bit like some of the monuments in athens. Its just below the fuel gauge but isnt the low fuel warning light as this is situated right beside the fuel gauge itself. All help and advice appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have info on the correct grade of oil for a 1992 Lucida diesel?
  5. I am looking at importing a Toyota Lucida. I would be greatful if anyone can give me an idea of the day-to-day fuel consumption of the 2.2 diesel (manual and auto if poss). I previously owned a UK previa at I thought the petrol tank was leaking before I realised that was normal consumption for this model (20-25 mpg) Any info would be great.
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