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  1. Alrighty, as requested... Start off by putting your index finger to the right side of the side repeater. Nearest the door of the car. Once there, simply pull it towards the front of the car and it should click out. The wires can be pulled out enough for you to take off the harness. Finnished... You can do whatever you want! Whether it be painting them, or simply changing the bulb. The bulbs inside are Orange 501s.
  2. About that.. I may have accidentally bought a Mazda 3 MPS instead...
  3. Not too fussed about round town costs, as it wont be used overly much during the weekdays, so long as I get a good return when going on Holiday etc than all is well :D Will keep looking at some :D
  4. Cheers for the replies so far chaps! I'm just trying to play the game safe at the moment, as had a very bad streak of luck with my cars lately. When I sold my Red CTS, I bought a 2001 Subaru Legacy RSK B4 Twin Turbo, Running 310BHP. Loved it to bits and never caused me any issues, but had to sell it due to running costs etc at the time. In the space I had the Scooby, The mrs went through... Yaris T Sport - Great car, had to sell as it was a tad too small for the two kids & prams etc Pug 307 - Clutch started slipping, so we got rid MG ZR - Notoriously, Gasget went, even though we fixed it it was never the same. So that got sold. After we got rid of those three, that's when we decided we needed to sell my Leggy to make way for a new motor, so we got a 2001 CTS again. Which unfortunetly clearly had a VERY bad previous owner.. 90k Miles on the clock, We had the timing chain replaced, head skimmed and gasget replaced, full service, 2 new coilpacks... Seemed to be running sweet as a nut. But 300 miles after the head was done, driving up to the Lakes the day before my wedding. It decided to throw a conrod... So been sat without a car for a month now. lol. As I say, 10k is my top budget, but have seen a few SR180's I like, as said in WHITE! :D for around 7.5k. All the ones I'm looking at are from Toyota themselves and have a 12 month Warranty at minimum. Edit: Kingo! long time no speak, you probbaly don't even recall my Username. Bought a few things off you in the past... How much are these boxes from you chaps, I know the prices from Fleabay etc but not yours :)
  5. Hey Guys, It's been a VEEERY long time since I was active on here. :/ Anyways, Since selling my Red CTS that's in my sig I've had a fair few different cars, but now looking at buying an SR180. Insurance Group is fairly low, Running costs seem fine and tax isn't exactly a bank breaker. I'm currently driving around in a 2011 520D, which needless to say is a barge. But the Torque is awesome, but looking at the SR180 figures the Torque is even higher and the car weighs about 300KG less.. Can't be a bad thing right? I'm sure this thread has popped up 7000 times in the paat, and apologies that I'm being rather lazy and not properly searching. Two main things I wanna know.. 1) Any major underlining issues to keep an eye out for? I've a 10k Budget so can get a fairly decent used one. 2) Are Toyotas tuning boxes worth the money for the extra oomph? I understand it has a good amount of oomph as it is, but I have been driving 200+ and 300+ cars lately :/ Ok, So I need to make it 3... 3) How easy is it to come by the skirt packs I've seen on a few of em? Much prefer them with the kit & the twin exit exhausts. The car will mainly be used by my partner ferrying the kids about etc, but I still want some power and looks to go with it! hehe. Cheers in advance for any responses. :)
  6. Hey..smart ride!what did u use on the rear lights?

  7. As I'm now getting bored of seeing it sat on the drive, Un-taxed until sold.. I want it gone so I can buy my new one ;) Price dropped to £500O ONO. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2129968.htm
  8. It's not been advertised for a while. xD
  9. Car now on Ebay :) Partner has her Yaris T Sport now so need this sold so we can transfer the NCB. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2005-TOYOTA-COROLLA-TSPORT-VVTLI-RED-/120629087024?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1c160dcb30
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but itsn't it the 1ZZ, 3ZZ and 4ZZ? The 2ZZ is different :P
  11. Sorry :) Both sets are going with the car.
  12. 5 Spokes = Lenso Samurai D1R's.
  13. The car is now up for Sale properly. PistonHeads add has been submitted, just waiting on them to upload it. Still looking for £6300 ONO. Would also be interested in a Phase 1 YTS + Cash my way if the right car appears. Thanks
  14. Probably.. Unsure whether mine is a 200Cell or 400cell. Either way, I don't get EML lights and Dyno results shown 8bhp increase between the TTE Bacbox & New Cat & Catback.
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