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  1. great stuff lad theyl look the bees knees on it! when u are selling them MIMS give me a pm might have a buyer 4 them will have 2 see??
  2. good lad ah they would be worth a good bit especially if there in good nick and with 2 spares. there a fairly sought after wheel. i had a hard enough job trying 2 find a set! and by the way the revos would be unreal on it i was pricing them before and the crowd told me that they could only get them in 5 stud??
  3. the lip on the bonnet. looks very well. pure savage lookin car.
  4. mine does it the whole time too when cold only for frw seconds and then its perfect.. think its normal enough as brother has same car and its the very same???
  5. well.. they are MIM and its stamped on the back. they are the very same as the speedline wheels from wrc car. i bote 5 of them not so long ago after searching for ages there very rare and hard to get as there not produced anymore. the lad i bote them off told me toyota got both speedline and MIM to make the same wheel??? they are identical anyway.
  6. good stuff keep up the good work.. have to say im a bit jealous iv nothing much left to do on mine!!
  7. can any one tell me what the mpg roughly is for a 2.0 litre diesel carina? wanna buy one for tipping around in wanna sort a few bits on the corolla. cheers
  8. cheers for the comments lads sound.. took a lot of searching to find them and a 7 hour journey to get them. was rageing though couldnt put them on straight away because they were rubbing the coilovers had to ger spacers!!
  9. what ye think? looking for these for ages and at last found them!
  10. well i had same prob i bought aftermarket tachometer but all i was told was you wire it to the distributer and its tricky to do. i no nothing about that i couldnt get any one to do it. i ended up just getting standard clocks with a rev gauge standard fit straight in and didnt cost much as got them from scrap yard. look nice and tidy too..
  11. yea i no there mad rare but im dyin to get a set! thanks anyway lad
  12. any one know where to get these? im looking for a set a while now and no luck..
  13. lovely looking car there lad. wheels really suit it too. rare car dont see many over here in ireland
  14. thanks for all opinions and help there monj and red diesel. yes the conversion will be done on the silver car in my posts i need more power! i havent really thought about kooking into insurance yet but i will soon and find out. never even thought about the emmissions side of things at all.. thanks again for the help very interesting..
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