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  1. I'm looking at T-Sports again, but i've never actually driven one.. My dad had a 1.4 D4D Corolla last year, it wasn't the best to drive.. Very long throw on the gearbox, liked to roll in the corners etc (This was a driving school car though). Is the T-Sport nice to drive? Or would it benefit from Coilovers/Struts etc? Any info on them would be appreciated.. They're rare here, so i'd have to go over to the mainland to look at one. I'm currently driving an Auris 2.0D4D..
  2. When I start the Auris in the morning, it sounds like there's a knocking coming from the engine.. It stops when the engine gets upto temperature. Is this normal, or should I be concerned about it? The warranty's up at the end of April..
  3. I got a DSLR Camera today, so here's a few more pictures:
  4. Any pictures of the mileage? Thats amazing!
  5. My 2007 TR had one, and my Dad's 2009 TR has one as well.. I took mine off, and put on the rear SR180 bumper garnish.. I think the chrome strip looks like ****. Not sure why yours doesn't have one though..
  6. Just thought i'd post up a few pics of my humble Auris TR.. It's the 2.0 Diesel. I got the SR180 alloys last week, and a set of TTE Lowering springs.. Both of them cost me well under £100.. :D I'm getting a DSLR this week, so i'll post up some better pics too! I'm on the lookout for the SR Spoiler if anyone knows of one for sale? Not gonna pay £330 for one new..
  7. Whats the Part Number for these? Will they fit a 2.0 D4D 5 Door?
  8. Anyone know what the parts number is for the TTE Springs.. Need them for a 2.0 D4D 5 Door TR Auris. There's a cheap set on eBay, with parts number PZ439-E9722-00. But could it be possible that these are for a different Auris?
  9. Well a SIMILAR THREAD is running with the same topic. There is NO off the peg warranty that can match the cover and benefits offered by Toyota, but there are plenty who flog cheap warranties only for you to find it is next to useless when you try and make a claim Kingo Would the Toyota Warranty work the same as the current one? We have a good relationship with the local dealership, if anything needs to be done.. They'll just take it in, and sort it out. Or are there extra things that have to be done (ie, actually claiming) on my side..
  10. Here's the prices here: I've heard alot of bad reports about warranty direct.. That when it comes to a claim, theres alot of stuff they wont cover..
  11. Does anyone here have the Toyota Warranty for their TS? If I was to buy a TS from an Approved Toyota Dealer they give a 12 month warranty.. and you can extend it for around £700~. But a TS has come up locally, and it's about £1000 cheaper than the one from Toyota. But does anyone know if I could still get the warranty put onto it? Or is there even much point?
  12. Most Compressor's i've seen have been around £9k-11k I wouldn't be able to insure a comp anyways..
  13. It's £7,495 GBP.. There does seem to be some examples around the net that are going for much more though..
  14. Yea, I just wanted to be sure before driving over an hour to view it. And yea, I dont plan to pay out £7'500 for it..
  15. I did a search, but it didn't bring up anything like that. Was possibly not wording it right. I HPi'd the car.. and it came up okay.