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  1. Ill be defo there made my donation... :D anyone else going from TOC would be nyc to meet some people there... cya guys...
  2. 147k on and L plate corolla gli saloon still running perfectly :D
  3. !Removed! sorry i missed it didnt check my messages andi havent been on the forum in ages soz
  4. yeh defo need to lower it to get the best out of the rims... otherwise your car is looking great :)
  5. lol no tunnel running just a meet up was quite gud... was nys 2 meet people on the forum... thanks BadBoyVTEC u n ur mates were bless 2 lol gimme a shout if nefink else happening...
  6. i dont know how to put pics up... but ill find out... they look brand new now... i sanded them with four different types of sand paper took me hours (farhanali89... my arms and fingers were aching lol) as i have lots of spokes so getting into the gaps was a nightmare!!! i used satin black paint not as dull as matt black or to shiny like gloss... its just in the middle... i didnt primer it though dont think i need to... if someone cam tell me how to put pics up ill try to...
  7. im goin with a couple of mates about another 4 cars including mine... krispy kremes in enfield it is then... c u guys there... so we should have a couple... im not going to be near a comp anymore so hopefully ill c everyone there at 8pm... come on people show some interest!!! so krispy kreames it is then :)
  8. ok the title was a BIT misleading... i have just finished respraying my alloys to black... it may have taken me 6-7 hours but i have just sanded and resprayed my alloys and they look brand new :) and it only cost me £20 £10 for sanding paper and £10 for two cans of satin black paint... i had some primer lying around so that was free lol i would highly recommend anyone to try it as its not to hard and if done correctly the results are amazing... ill try and put some before and after pictures up when i find out how to...
  9. my condolences to your self... its sorry to hear that... if anyone is still up for it then let me know... oh yeh jadegti if you could leave the route which you planned then that would be helpful if not its fine... lets see if a few of us can go still... pm me or just post...
  10. so how many people have we got all together? were all the enthusiasm gone lol whats the route going to be? have you been on the test run? im actually cant wait lol :D 8pm bluewater everyone kool with that coz i think me and my friends are...
  11. 1. Jade GTI ( corolla GTI) 2. Craig (celica GT4) 3. Mark (astra) 4. Trevor (celica GT4) 5. Maj (celica GT4) 6. BadBoyVTEC (Aygo but will come in mates loud Citroen C2) 7. m4hfu3 (corolla... will bring some friends along with a supra and rx7)
  12. ll yeh true we can jus relax through limehouse link... id like to help but i dont know many tunnels i fink my mates are bringing their supra and rx7 along... the more the merrier so we need to organise a route...
  13. lol lime house link you must be crazy!!! dat tunnel has like a million cameras i know coz i go through thyere atleast 10 times in a week its on the A13.. lakeside sounds ok lets see what the other people say...
  14. im not actually sure you know... i gave it to my mate to do all i know it came back lowered and much stiffer and the handling became much better... no body roll at all and becoz its long as its a 5 door saloon i bigger centre of gravity i think it actually handles really well... i have a few frends with civics and audi a3's and they have said my car handle much better lowered than theres... ill ask my frend what he did and let you know... i think 40 mm is too much i had to get the arches removed as well and the ride is very uncomfortable... makes your bum hurt lol
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