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  1. Hi I am worry about my landcruiser Prado 3.0 TD 1999.I have change the oil and oil filter for first time after I own the car. used original parts from JAPPARTS.After this when I start the car the oil light is on for 4/5 sec., only when the car doesn't use for an hour.Is that normal or I have a problem.Some more information: the engine is 55000 miles, I think the oil wasn't change for a long time and decide to flash the engine with special chemical before to put the new oil 10/40w. The engine noise is perfect. If someone knows more about the problem ,let me know. Thanks! :(
  2. Hi, let me introduce myself in this forum. I have bought toyota landcruiser 2 weeks ago and I am really happy to drive this car.I had have corola,avensis,hilux and think that TOYOTA is the best! :)
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