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  1. OBD II card are from 1996 to date and any compliant scanner should be able to diagnose a 2000model car. I used to scan my former 2000 Corolla and it works fine. I agree you need to charge the battery before running it again. Let's know what codes you get.
  2. As long as the ABS works, its the bulb. You may likely have a spare bulb behing your panel. Check first af is there is none, you may exchange one of the one for gear change (use les often like L/S/1/2 below D.
  3. I got my 2.4 Avensis (Petrol) from France (LHD). Its called a powerplant by Toyota.
  4. The model to go for depend on your driving habit and what you want in a car. The decision is yours. The take off in 1.8 is not as fast as 2.0 and especially when ascending a hill you get better performance with 2.0. Now I have moved to Avensis 2.4 and is simply fantastic.
  5. I've not experienced any problem with my gearbox. The only required maintenance which most dont do is to clean the gearbox oil filter. This could be done once in three years and it'll be fine. I also own a corolla and Lexus RX 300 all auto and there is no issue with my transmissions. I'll advise you go for it.
  6. No need to rep[lace as long a you don't have the error code again.
  7. There should be an adjuster bolt near the alternator, slack the bolt holding the alternator and tighten the adjuster then tight back. Alternatively you may need a pry bar to tension and tighten if the adjuster screw is not there. For the sound and as explained, if you press throttle slowly to gain speed and the noise is absent then it meand you'r demanding more air when you press hard. This then would be from the air filter and there is nothing you can do about it. If you don't want the noise again then you'll change your driving habit. In any case use the right gear for the right speed and it'll also help your mpg.
  8. Easy to do. 1. Remove the hose connection from air filter to throttle body 2. The MAF sensor is that black unit on top of the air filter housing, remove the connector, bring out and clean 3. Get carburettor cleaner and spray to clean the throttle body and IACV. Reconnect back in the reverse orders.
  9. This problem obviously is as a result of contaminated fuel. I suggest you drain the tank completely and fill with another from different station then clean the IACV located arount the throttle body using a carburettor cleaner. It should do the magic. It also could have affected performance of the injector nozzles but this should be the last thing to check if the first did not solve the problem. Post feedback so we can know as you're going.
  10. What do you meam by semi-auto? Do you mean one with sequential shift? If that is it you may not need to use it as the auto "D" does all the thing perfectly and well matched to the engine. Save you a lot of gear changing hassels, mpg depends on your driving habit but obviously a little above manual. For me I prefers the auto.
  11. rfakins


    Inspect those items and replace only if bad. You may just clean the plugs and for fuel filter no need as they last long if original is fitted. You may replace if vehicle is jerking or remove, blow through to check if blocked then make a decision to fix back or replace.
  12. I will suggest you have your alternator checked to confirm if its charging. If ok, replace the battery and will solve your problem once and for all.
  13. Require more clarification. At what interval do you service your engine? When you start, check the exhaust emmission, is it blue? Does it smell? Ideally, service should be done at 5k interval.
  14. On the first question, check the tension of the belt. If not tensioned enough it may cause such noise. On the last one (noise under the bonnet) its not enought to just say here what the problem could be. My advise is that you should open the bonnet when the car is running and check where it could be from. The diagnosis may be by elimination of possible issues. Let's know what you observe.