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  1. have one in the us but I will keep an eye out for you...if you see any buyers in the us let me know!!! good luck to you <_<
  2. I have one, but I think it's a bit far....it's a 77 RA-29 Liftback...but good luck
  3. I have a 77 RA-29 Hatchback and I just put her up for sale. I will actually be driving to cali labor day weekend. has a new clutch, new starter, petronix ignition, new head cam and recently overhauled. If you have someone who could paint it it would be a excellent car. currently I drive it daily to work and back she still gets 30 mpg with the petronix ignitor and a excel coil and a 2bbl carb and two inch exhaust.
  4. I have a 1977 RA 29 for sale, it does have 158,000 but was overhauled last year, uses no oil and has petronix ignitor with an Accel Blaster Coil, 2" exhaust, and some other minor modifications such as a 2bbl Carb that I requisitioned from a circle track car, and a new head and cam. I would be happy to email some pics to whoever is interrested. It is cameleon purple/Green with black interior. Runs beautifully and basically is stock except for the above mentioned and a new clutch.
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