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  1. To all the yaris owners here, i need some advice. I have a MK1 Yaris 2002. I have lowered it by 40mm front and 40mm rear, also gave 17" Alloys. The car is nicely flat to the ground, good on cornering and control. Now here the problem. I have put in a new subwoofer which is huge and it takes my whole boot up. Now my car has more weight on the rear than before. My front is not sitting flat as it usually would, obviously because of the sub. When i accelerate, the car doesnt seem to move off as it did, almost as if the wheels are not touching the road properly. Can anyone give me any idea's, solutions as how i could solve this, without removing my subwoofer. Regards Dips
  2. Hi mate, just wondering where you got the angel eyes from and how much did they cost? Cheers Dips
  3. I will be posting my car pics up soon, hopefully with the LED's fitted & HID's. The strip lengths are 27cm each, got them from a mate who knows a guy at Japarts. They look wicked when connected to a battery, but want them on the car now. I will try to mount them on the inside as it would look better as you said. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers Guys.
  4. Hi i have got a set of Audi R8 style LED Strips in white for my Yaris, 2002. Has anyone installed these and whats the best way. Do i have to put them inside the lamp itself or on the exterior. Regards Dips
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