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  1. Hi Nick,

    I have a Gen 7, 2006 with the small spoiler, did you get a Halfords rack to fit? they have these at the moment, EXODUS: HIGH MOUNT would that be similar? Thanks Fraser

  2. I appear to have developed a bit of a creaky/squeaky drivers seat. Has anybody else had this, is it quite common? Is it just a case of having to grease the joints of the seat etc? Thanks in advance!! Nick.
  3. Nick Mills

    Bike Racks

    Excellent, thanks for the advice - I may just nip down to Halfords and see if they'll let me try one.
  4. Nick Mills

    Bike Racks

    I've been looking myself for the past week (gen 7 celica). If you have a gen 7 with a spoiler (like mine), then it appears as though you are limited to a roof mounted bike rack. If you don't have a spoiler then a rear mounted rack would be the cheaper option. If you have a spoiler then, I have found the following site seems to have the roof rack at a good price (good as when compared to others sites that is - about £115) http://www.skidrive.co.uk/index.php You then have to add a bike carrier at about £30-£60. If you don't have a gen 7, then sorry, hopefully some other people will have some good advice. Also, if anyone has any other ideas please speak up - I'm always open to cheaper options ;)
  5. Same here, bought a second hand 2003 Celica T-Sport and received no owners manual with it. Anybody able to help/advise on getting a copy? Thanks!!
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