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  1. Mr2_NA

    My Mr2

    She's nice, I am partial to white MRs2s
  2. Mr2_NA

    Need Help Personally, id look out for a SARD MC8-R ^_^ But other than that, stick Mk2 and get a revision 3, come quite cheap. T-bars are the ones with uber sunroofs where you take the glass out completely (I have one) and tin tops have no glass top but some with a sun roof I believe? Turbo's are fun (I believe) I have never experienced one An NA is fun, sounds nice and if you want more power you can have a 3l v6 conversion with super charger or turbo which means you'll rip most cars on the road!
  3. Double check the oval(ish) plug on the alternator before you buy a new one! Give it a clean and make sure its firmly in.
  4. Mr2_NA

    Mr2 '95 Sub Install

    Big 12" behind passenger seat :) You don't need passengers :)
  5. Firstly, sensors, are they all back in place after the swap. Have you got the upgraded ecu in? if its second hand it may have been mapped for that other car. Id check the simple things first, then get it to a mapper for the ecu tweaking an testing!
  6. Agreed, its not all, but come TT week the majority go nuts cutting blind corners. If I had a wide arch kit, there would be a few headless bikers now!
  7. ^_^ No DVLA where I live
  8. Mr2_NA


    " completed cars start from £26,000 " :o
  9. I didnt know if the engine would lose power after the limiter kicks in! So it does then! Right so my speeds out, but how far out? Does anyone elses do roughly the same speeds?
  10. Im shocked! 40 in 1st 76 in 2nd 105 in 3rd All hitting 7k. not had the bottle to push higher than that as the weather heres been aweful and roads full of psyco bikers! Are these speeds normal? Anyway of pushing my engine abit higher say to 8k with abit of tech wizardry?
  11. The term for it is called "Exciting the alternator" I speak the truth! I used a spare battery, started the engine, connected the neg of the spare to the chassis then just tapped the lead of the possitive on the 8mm bolt that sticks out of it. Like you said, it could fry something, but the risk paid off. Got a knock from the suspension now so be looking for me in other sections! Thanks again everyone for your help :)
  12. Sorted :) ^_^ I jump started the alternator :| Don't know if anyones ever heard of that being done before! I just used my old batt, - on the chassis and let the engine run, just tapped the + on the 8mm bolt head on the alternator and viola :) Happy days, just been for a spin, batt is now green, voltage reads over half way as it still needs charging up.
  13. Its not charging the battery! Bloke down the round says if I have just replaced the nator I should look at the regulator. Whats that and where is it located and what does it do?
  14. From what you say, I need to do a days charge on my battery ^_^ Well, its been on for a couple of hours, so il give it till 5-6ish this evening or when that gren LED comes on :) The needle does go high, presuming the alt is charging, but then needle drops slowly, when about 1/4 up the fuel starts to splutter. So the alt is not able to produce enough voltage with the batt being so drained its just dying. I will report back this evening :) Thanks T600 ^_^
  15. Yeah, but not sure what its telling me