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  1. Hi all Been slightly bumped while shopping - I was inside the supermarket, damage noticed when I got back to the car. Rear bumber a bit crunched and rear fog light broke. Nothing major just looks like a light push from someone. Looking for recommendations on places to get replacement parts. Looks like just the rear bumper and fog light.
  2. Good morning all Just had MoT and service done and all good apart from a couple of advisory notices. One is the rear shock absorbers. One has a leak but I read that it's best to replace as a pair. Now the question. There are so many different brands (looking on ebay), and varying prices. Can anyone make a recommendation as to which to opt for. The motor is a 2011 2.2D (just done 50k miles) and I don't do any driving over bumpy dirt tracks or such like. The only bumps I have to to navigate are the usual potholes and speed cushions down our road. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Frostyballs. I have seen them parked up usually at DIY centres with their gazebo and wondered if theye were any good, or whetherthere were better alternatives. Wil see if anyone else has any recommendations but I will probably give them a call.
  4. Hi all Never owned a diesel before this one but bit the bullet and bought a very nice 2011 Rav4. Runs very nice but every now and again (usually under heavy acceleration) there is noticable cloud of light blue smoke. It soon clears up and stops. I did mention this to the dealer when I noticed it on a test drive and he said words to the effect 'well it's a diesel, it's diesel oil being burned off'. Is he right and is this normal? While I'm here, has anyone ried Chips Away or can anyone recommend a similar service? I went away for a week on a training
  5. Yes - a metal braided syphoning tube into the filler pipe. You reckon that could have done the damage ?
  6. Recently bought a 2011 RAV4. So far it's been brilliant. Until today. I mistakenly (don't laugh) put petrol in. I thought it was BP Ultimate Diesel, but it was petrol. DOH! So got the car home okay. Went out, had difficulty starting. I thought 'That's odd'. However it did fire up and I then had a bit of a lumpy 5 mile trip. Went to start later and it wouldn't. Got the recovery people out who checked it over, took me back to their yard and drained the fuel. All is now good, but the fuel guage is stuck on full. Any ideas anyone?
  7. to my trusty and (almost always) reliable Mk1. Steering pump is playing up (since I had belts replaced) and there is something wrong when trying to start - sometimes it does, sometimes you will just hear a click, or hear the engine trying to turnover but failing, or the starter will disengage and you hear it spinning - sometime a combination, and then it will fire up. But to put it right will cost more tthan the car is worth. So I have bitten the bullet and amd getting diesel Rav4. Picking up Wednesday. Scrapyard for the Mk1 next Saturday - goodbye dear friend.
  8. UPDATE - got the car back with new alternator installed, BUT, apparentlty the alternator relay had melted so has been removed. The melted wire has been removed and a new new fusible link has been fitted direct from the battery pos to the alternator. Now, I have no electrics - no indicators, brakes, radio, air-con, windows, rear lights, sun roof etc. The only things that work are the horn, the headlights, and the instrument panel. One thing I did try was, switch ignition on, turn on wipers/indicators, and I just touched the original main connector to the new connection on the alt
  9. Got the Green Flag chaps out today - diagnosed as a dodgy alternator - shorting out inside. Car now at the local garage - hopefully with their contacts they can quickly source a recon part. Thanks for all the replies chaps.
  10. That wire just goes straight back to the battery pos terminal. That's the melted wire. Just seems too coincidental that the whiny sound, flat battery, and melted wire have all come at once. Just found this in the web: Sound: Drivers will sometimes complain about hearing a "growling" or "whining" noise before an alternator gives out. The alternator is driven by either an accessory belt or a serpentine belt in conjunction with the crankshaft pulley. The alternator pulley typically spins about two or three times faster than the crankshaft pulley to produce the power necessary at lowe
  11. Thanks guys - I had a pulley bearing replaced last November and new belts fitted. When ai put a meter on the battery with the engine running you could the voltage slowly rise - I didn't mesure from the wire to earth to see what was coming through. I need to replace the sleeved wire back to the battery as this is now showing bare wire. I'm not sure what terminal the wire connected to on the alternator as it looks like it ts connected behind a bigger one - same connection. Have attached some pics of the offending wire connecting to the alternator, and looping around toward the batt
  12. Hi all Drove home from work a few nights ago and noticed that when I started the car, there was a sound that I hadn't noticed in the morning - it was a dull whiney sound. Got home no problems, no warning light on the dash, but getting out of the car I popped the bonnet to check and there was bit of a burning rubber smell. Went to start the car next morning and it was completely dead. Couldn't operate the central locking, and not even the time was showing on the LCD dash display. Charged the battery up all dat - the initial charge was reading at 7 Amps! Whenever I've charged
  13. Turned out to be a broken crank pulley. So I now have 3 new belts, a new pully and and am £205 lighter. Broken pulleys are quite common apparently. First time I have heard of it - on a Toyota or any other motor.
  14. Thanks. Doesn't sound as simple as on the old Triumph Toledo. I'll leave it to the garage to sort out.
  15. Am I right in thinking I can simply slacken off the alternator, remove the belt, and replace? No need for lining anything up right - just a quick 15 minute job?
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