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  1. next car will be a TVR t350 in chameleon green :D
  2. When you mean a noise from the induction kit, is it worse cold and almost sounds like a constant metalic harsh grinding noise thats not rpm dependent coming straight from the air filter? And when you switch your engine off does it do it then (even when warm) ?
  3. £700 fully comp for the mr2 (Mods as per sig, ), I'm 29 with 2 years NCD, 5k limited miles. Adrian Flux
  4. Motorway miles, not over accelerating, knowing what gear to use :)
  5. Last time I was in Germany I was at about 149mph at 7600rpm in 6th. Just couldnt quite do it... yet ;) Hands started sweating badly and I understand fully why people wear driving gloves.
  6. Well, I guess it must do something or they wouldnt have bothered. If you're not bothered about the backseats then the most logical thing to do (other than buy an mr2 of course ) would be to whack a rollcage in. Best bracing money can buy
  7. Its not normal no. Has it always done it? My guess would be the wheels aren't balanced but I guess it would do it decelerating too. Have you had new tyres recently?
  8. You'd loose power unless you mapped for it with a piggyback
  9. Should do if it needs cleaning. I'm sure I read somewhere on a forum they got better mpg once done. quickly googled 'clean maf mpg' to make sure I wasnt going mad and its full of success stories with various makes of car. Bit of carb cleaner from halfords, quick spray and see what happens. Might as well, doesnt take 5mins ;)
  10. It could be your driving! :) not being funny, but when you get a new car it takes you a while to know how to drive it for both performance and economy. Failing that, try cleaning the maf and do an ecu reset by disconnecting the battery for a while. It wouldnt hurt
  11. If youre getting a rebuild, it would be well worth it. Would be nice on the track as you could really hold on to a gear
  12. Best way I've shred 3 stone since Jan on atkins which is 18kilos and I kept the carpet :D
  13. I didn't know you killed your mr2?! You're on roc quite a bit still. Did you try the hydrogen fuel cell? :D
  14. Touch wood I can make it still. Getting a water/methanol injection system fitted ( :D ) and it might be in getting it done. Will find out nearer the time
  15. 1240kg sounds right. It is very light considering that racing megane that Hammond had on top gear last week was stripped out with lexan windows, no stereo etc and it was about the same and they made a point of how light it was
  16. I didnt buy one so no :D Bet it said ... 'Up to 10bhp' meaning if you had a dead sparrow sitting in your old air filter then you'll really notice difference! I'm sure Lotus would have put one on for the elise so they could say 200hp if it was that easy to squeeze 5% more power out of an already highly tuned performance engine.
  17. Couldnt agree more on that! 2bhp if you're lucky, but lets face it, its all about the noise! Playing with the vvti is good fun. I've remapped mine myself so many times its almost like an obsession. Good gains can be had when you're supercharged. Not got actual figures as I'm only datalogging on the road reading the MAF voltage (ie more volts at any given point on the map means your making more power) but by reducing the overlap on the vvti settings you are blowing less boost out the exhaust. Works well on the 2nd cam. Seems MUCH stronger! Also helps relieve some pressure if you're mapping and getting knock on certain parts of the map. Rather than richen that cell or pull timing excessively compared to the neighbouring values, a few degrees off vvti keeps it in check.
  18. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the prefacelist throttle body position is the same to post facelist (compressor ideally)? I've been trying to fit a 3inch CAI designed for 2zz swaps in my mr2 but having serious issues getting it to fit without a lot of pushing and had to relocate a fusebox to make room. To say its a tad tight is an understatement. I ordered it from MWR and its only just occurred to me that there might have been a change in TB position in later models the USA didnt get. Anyone know?
  19. Hats off to you for giving it a go. Wiring scares the crap out of me, especially when cutting/splicings involved!
  20. Nice one fella! Let the fun commence! Updated your sig already you tart :P Are you going to use it in conjunction with a piggyback?
  21. Ditto! ;) I'd love to come if you guys promise not to call me a hairdresser :D
  22. Yes, the UK Mr2 roadster has an LSD and is compatible with the c64 tsport gearbox. I'm running the 2zz gearbox from a compressor with my old LSD from my 1zz mr2 box. I've never driven without an lsd so couldnt tell you the difference. All UK mr2s had them but not all imports did. Its a viable option but unless you are removing the diff yourself, the labour charge could be quite high to swap them over and it might cost less to just buy an aftermarket one. Torque biasing diffs, act like open diffs when not in contact with the road. They work by directing the torque to the wheel that has the most grip, so when an inside wheel trys to spin the power is directed to the outside wheel. This is done to a ratio and once this ratio is exceeded the diff goes 'open'. Wouldnt know if the stock mr2 one would be better than an aftermarket due to the ratio or vice vera. Either way, its got to be better with than without full stop.
  23. Nice one. That should really help cornering no end. I'm surprised they didnt come as standard. How effective is the traction control like in a straight line? Is it like a wet fish?
  24. You need to put a 'baby on board' sign in the window just to let everyone know of the extra horses you have under the bonnet unless you are going for a real sleeper :D
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