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  1. I am thinking of updating the DVD on my Satnav TNS310 (Traffic) Plus. The disc at the moment is 2005 - 2006 Version 1. Part Number 08927 - 00961 States updated Disc is 03&05CY Toyota & Lexus DVD (EUROPE). Before I part with €159 to "Mr T", I was wondering if any TOC members had purchased the update and their opinions of the update My questions are, 1 is this the correct disc 2 is it an improvement on the old disc 3 when does the disc get updated again. (Making it out of date). Thanks for any information Kesindi
  2. I have just taken mine out to look for an update. The details of mine areTNS310 (Traffic) Plus. :D Details on the DVD are "Toyota Navigation System" 2005 - 2006 Version 1 DVD Part Number is "08927 - 00961 Will show the latest disk version Hope this helps Kesindi
  3. Thanks for the information Smoftah, It seems like it will be expensive with the new facia and all. Will have to wait till I next change my Toyota. Thanks again. Kesindi
  4. I have a "Navigo SY885" that sells for £59.99p on Try this link. undefined Actuallly bought mine from Ebay at a reduced price. It is a basic but quite adequate Sat/Nav but the mapping comes on a SD Card and if you have other mapping versions on an SD Card you can turn it into a Tom Tom or other well known versions of Satnav. You end up with a top end Satnav at a very cheap price Other useful links are:- Discusion forum for Navigo SY885 at. undefined Variuos versions of maps at. undefined Kesindi
  5. I am new to TOC and this Forum. Please allow for mistakes? I have an Avensis Estate "T4" 06 reg. This comes with sat/nav model TNS310 and I was wondering if it is possible to update this to the new TNS700 full coloured sat/nav. I have been to my local Toyota Dealer and they were no help at all, first saying it isn't possible and then saying it would cost £1,000's to purchase and install. I thought about ringing technical helpline but reading this forum they do not seem to be very helpful. Has anybody tried to do this, or can anyone offer advice? Thanks from as newbie.