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  1. ive owned a 190 for about 2 years. and have enjoyed every minute of been it. so yes buy one. in 2 years of having the car ive only had to service it and have a new clutch at 110,000 miles. the orginal lasted that long. but i would stronlgy recomend upgrading the front discs. but if i was you i would puchase a 190 or tsport over the 140. just for the satisfaction of keeping up with cars well out of the celicas price range. :D. you can get a nice 1 for 5k mine was 6k 2 years ago. happy buying
  2. ive been having a similar problem also with my 190. every now and again when i switch the engine off to get out and remove my key the car trys to lock itself and u can hear the locks click and the indicators flash. at first i thought i was me catching the lock buton on the key. but im not.
  3. off topic but. lol i love tht avatar grey racer,
  4. how much was tht helek if ya dont mind me asking. looks sweet man. i so bad want an exhaust. as i dont think the standard exhaust has any oomph in it lol.
  5. no but i will mate thnks. i dont have any of those plastic things. all i got was the locking nut remover. thanks again hopefully i can yank em off with the plyers then lol. i wont be putting them back on lol.
  6. i dont know where to find a trd exhaust as i have also been looking high and low. but i know a shop which wont be far from you in crossgates leeds. the web site address is www.larkspeed.com. they have many types of exhuasts taylored for specific cars. but there still not cheap. they have many respectable makes. the one i was looking at was a supersprint as these add performance. hope this helps.
  7. might sound really silly, but my 190 has the sports dymanic pack alloys on and has stanard toyota locking wheel nuts on. and they have a silly cap that spins covering the locking wheel nut. i cant seem to pull it off or twist it off. does anyone know the nack of getting these off. its probally really easy but i cant figure it out. lol help please. i have a set of decent discs and pads to fit. i can manage the disc fitting but not the cap removal lol. :)
  8. thank you very much, think ill do the gasket while ive got the cover off. thanks again
  9. does any one know the part number for the vvtli lift bolts, and is it recommended to change the rocker cover gasket when changing the lift bolts???
  10. im currently on the look out for a few parts for the 190. im looking for reasonabley priced induction kit, front strut bar, and a front set of discs and pads non toyota. if anyone could recomend some good retailers. would be much apreaciated. thank you
  11. hi im after buying some new discs for the front of my 190 as ive warped the orignal ones. :D im wondering if anyone knows a good website for a decent set. ie groved or drilled ones as. i can get the standard set with pads for £107 quid was wondering how much an uprated set would set me back might be worth the extra money for for a longer life and performance
  12. ok thanks mate i wont bother with tht then lol
  13. off topic but tht engine looks a beast. wonder if the 190 could house it. ???
  14. im after a filter for the 190 if anyones got 1 for sale. reasonable price paid.
  15. does the car really learn the style of your driving? might try it on mine
  16. sorry but does the 190 have a vacuum hose. and what hapens when u remove it. im jus after the noise of an induction kit.
  17. all i can say is good look. it took me nearly 2 days of pain to get mine replaced. dont do us the 1, do em both save alot of time
  18. this is a link to an installation giude for amps and subs on the celica gen 7s. with pics and good descriptions. http://www.newcelica.org/forums/showthread...g+wire+firewall
  19. it cool now ive managed to put it all in and it sounds mint. i got a guide i could upload for others
  20. i used some wynns injector cleaner which i sprayed in the air intake. u have to keep revving the car while someone sprays it in for ya. it will cut out cos the air mass sensor been unplugged.when i did it the engine management light came on an stayed on for a further 30 miles. i would recomend using some red x formula which u ad to a tank of fuel. this cleans the injectors and does the same job as the spray when i used red x it removed my engine management light. so personally i wouldnt use a spray again.
  21. hi there im wanting to install my new sub and amp to my celica 190. ive bin searching for some sort of guide to help me a long. but i cant seem to find anything. i know how to install the amp i jus wanted to save a bit of time by finding out where abouts somebody else fed the red power lead from the battery to the amp. can any one help with the location of a good gromit to go thru the engine bay. or even a link to a guide somewhere. any help would be great. thanks
  22. hi ppl. was wondering if anyone can recomend a good sounding exhaust for my 190. ive looked a few places but cant realy find alot for this car. and does tht big barrel looking part of the exhaust have to come off if i change the back box. at min ive got a standard sports one on which is jus like a pringles can lol. some shops and prices would be a big help. ta :P
  23. i used a can of wynns injector cleaner, the type you spray in thru the airbox. this worked okay part from it made the engine management light come on. it stayed on for a coouple of hours. then went away. so i used a fuel mixer. red x is a good one this worked fine. a jus stuck a whole bottle of it in with a tank of petrol. hope this helps.
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