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  1. I hope to god his MR2 is f00ked and he needs a skip to take some garden rubbish to the dump
  2. Background : I went to change the oil today, and all was going well, until I wanted to take the oil filter off an replace it. I found that the only way I could get to it, was to take the ditributer off, I was a total idiot and took the whole thing out... put everything back, no knowing that it needed to be timed. Now my car doesn't start, it cranks fine.. but I think it's flooded the engine. My friend is sure he has the timing right now, but it still cranks, but no start. I'm going to try it again tommorrow and see if it was just flooded, but wondering if you guys have any ideas on getting it timed right. I couldn't see any timing marks, where are they?. Any information that could help, it's gratefully recieved, Please help, I need the car for work and I'm totally screwed without it :(
  3. I remember being told that the pistons in F1 cars were oval for more surface area?. You can tell I'm a n00b with cars :)
  4. Or you could follow my rather mad, and quite possibly stupid idea :) I would love to put a 13B engine in my Mk1.... rekon it would be awesome Rotary :) .... mmmmmm turbo ....MMMMMM..... and they rev pretty high. I was seriously considering an FC for quite sometime, spent a long time researching them, 13b is a pretty strong rotary, needs a rebuild every 120k at the sum of about £2k - £3k Still, rotary sounds nice :)
  5. But it looks good for it ;) Try spending £2k on a car (not including buying it) and it's still a rusty ******* heap.... my poor 86 :( :)
  6. I'm a bit confused on number plates. The smaller bike style ones?, are they legal on a car?... I've been told they aren't but lots of people seem to have them.
  7. Hmm, strange you had trouble getting into a Mk1. I'm 6"3' and I own an AW11, I can get into it fine. Mind you, most of my height is my legs, so I can't heel-toe :( You should definatly be able to fit in an SW as I have driven my mates, felt very roomy.
  8. Hi there, I might be getting a very cheap Cobra seat I have never even thought of this stuff before, but wondering where you can get a subframe for a Mk1 MR2 and roughly how much they cost? Cheers Edit : Also, might be getting a 4 point harness in with it... how the hell do I get that in there?
  9. Got it for £700 Been garaged most of it's life and a full toyota service history :) He was asking £800 but I offered cash then and there and felt like being a bit of a dell boy, and got away with it :) It's way more fun that the 86 I had :)
  10. Cheers guys, hmm, no lights missing as far as I can tell Hmm, not too sure on that Karmelion thing, but just not my thing I suppose... certainly lots of work though :) Hmm, Needs a short shift i think ;)
  11. Been growing a mullet recently seeing as I can't be bothered to get my hear cut ;) Just call me Magnum PI ;)
  12. I'm a sad bugger, but I'm happy :)
  13. I think the aw11 is as much fun to me as the ae86... but thats my personal opinion. You can get an LSD for the aw11, and that will be purchased as soon as I can afford it :)
  14. Just spent three hours of solid fun with my car and a multi meter. We have established that the alternator while the car is off is taking about 0.5 amps, I'm no expert, but I always thought alternators were supposed to give power ;) . So until I sort a new alternator out, I am going to be disconnecting the negative when I stop the car....Only way to stop it really. Cheers though, I hope this is the problem.
  15. Good luck on your hunt mate... Sadly you are a week late, just sold mine. Be ready also for spending a shed load on making it road worthy, and getting it through an MOT... unless you know an MOT tester who knows what you mean when you say "I need an MOT" ;) Eircam is right, your best looking on Findit... also get involved in the community, thats how I got mine... quite a few get sold without advertising. Currently I have an AW11, and I still miss the AE86 but these things are certainly not crap, plus loads of them about ;)