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  1. Sorry haven't been on here for a while, but this is still available if people are interested
  2. Thanks! Will actually drop the price to £250 as the bottom's been scraped a fair few times. Can't see though unless you look underneath.
  3. Thinking of selling my TTE bumper and I know how rare these are nowadays. It's not exactly in perfect condition, there are a few stone chips and a bit of paint has been chipped off the corner around the headlight as well as scrape marks underneath. Will most likely need repainting if you want a better overall finish. Let's say £300? Includes all grilles and fogs of course, preferably picked up as I don't want to risk any damage by posting. Only pic I have atm but can take some more if required:
  4. Hi guys, willing to sell my rota p1's for the right price. They're 18x7.5 4x100 in bronze fitted with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres. The wheels are in immaculate condition, no kerbing what so ever but two of the tyres will probably need replacing soon. They are very light for 18's and they cost around £150 per wheel brand new without tyres. The Vreds aren't cheap neither around £90-100+ per tyre! Have been fitted to my Corolla T Sport, so I'll throw in the spigot rings and purple CK Engineering lug nuts if required. Not sure how much I want for them yet so make me an offer! In no rush to sell so only sensible offers will be considered :) Preferably picked up! Pics:
  5. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone would swap a standard TS rear bumper for mine, which has got a compressor skirt fitted. Plus a little cash my way of course and in alsace granite colour. Looking to change most of it back to standard before I move away :)
  6. Open to reasonable offers!
  7. Hey guys, Selling my TWM Big Type R Shift Knob which I bought with my TWM short shifter a while back. The heaviest knob available, weighing 600g in stainless steel finish and has the corolla TS gears engraved on. If you have a short shifter and find that it's really stiff then this will help a lot. Comes with everything you need, including 3 different size inserts so you can adjust the height of the knob (inserts are not necessary, but the higher you have it less effort is needed to shift). Here is a link: http://www.twmshiftknobs.com/shiftknobs/big-type-r-shiftknobs.html And a pic: To buy this separately, it would cost approximately £90 not including delivery and customs etc. Looking for £70 posted. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi guys, Selling my custom exhaust manifold as I won't be keeping the car much longer. It was fabricated by AAS in Gateshead, if anyone's from the North East you will know what an excellent reputation these guys have. Waiting list for exhaust work is usually around 1-2 months which speaks for itself! Had the manifold fitted for about a year and it really makes a difference. It made 10bhp gains on the dyno, BUT I did have a leak in my exhaust system at the time. Didn't bother to to dyno it again, and I know how skeptical we are about the CTS and dyno results, but I can guarantee that you will feel a difference. Pulls so much harder in lift! It will fit both pre-facelift and facelift, but fl's will get lights popping up occasionally on the dash because of the secondary air injection. Mine popped up every few months but made no difference to the performance of the car, just resetted the ecu when I had the chance to get rid of the lights. Here's some pics: Looking for £300 picked up. Let me know if you have any questions :) Cheers, Chris
  9. Here's some pics: As you can see they all have marks on the lip, some worse than others. Let me know if you still want them leebo.
  10. In that case, it's just the polished lips that need refurbing really. I'll get pics up tomorrow and if your still interested we'll try sort something out mate.
  11. From Seaham in County Durham mate. Yeh I'll get some asap, but like I said they aren't in the same condition as the above pic.
  12. Here's a pic from a while back, sorry it's not the best quality:
  13. Yeh I'll take some tomorrow mate. I do have some pics from ages ago, but obviously won't be in the same condition.
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