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  1. Hi I had the same issue, so I took the fob to peices and found that the tiny solder connection on the circuit board where it connects to the button had broke. Re melted the solder, and job done :)
  2. Hi all Just changed the rear pads and discovered I had no anti Squeal shims on any of the pads, is this common...important ?? Thanks
  3. As has already been said, check the oil.!!!!!! In fact id check it on collection, if its below the line, you could be in trouble, plenty of topics on here relating to that
  4. Hi Is this possible on the Gen 7. My rear bearings are sounding loud, like a rumble, rather than a squeal. so am wondering is re-greasing an option without removal of the whole hub ? Have seen some sites say you can, other say its a sealed unit. Thanks in advance
  5. Replace the cat,!! Mines shot, im not expecting it to improve overall BHP, but im expecting big improvements
  6. Do you know how much it'll cost or are you just guessing? A full (Back and Front) set of brake pads WITH fitting kit costs me just £60 from my local Toyota main dealer..... Doesnt sound like much to me. Of course this is for a GT4.... but i wouldnt expect a car with less power and smaller brakes to cost any more than what i pay for big GT4 pads. Also from my experience Toyota own pads have been superb. Hi, A couple of years ago, I was quoted by Toyota £700 for new disks and pads all round. I declined their kind offer !!
  7. Thanks guys Im going to get some pads and spring kit, from a brake specialist in Rochdale who I have seen recommended on some forums Needs a new cat too !!
  8. Hi I am getting a sharp single knock/bang sound then I apply the brakes. Think its the back brakes, Looked around and I think a couple of the anti rattle springs are missing, so you can wiggle the pads slightly. Im wondering if the pads are moving slightly ( because they are not held by the spring) and so causing the sharp knock. Its the kind of sound you would expect if you tapped the disk with a hammer Anyone else had this ?? Thanks
  9. Hi I have a VVTI 140bhp, with 100k miles, im getting a pinking/pinging noise, the sort of noise you got on older cars when the timing was out. At about 3k RPM when the engine is under load say on a hill, If I back off the throtle slightly, or put my foot down slightly then the noise stops. It is due a service, any ideas what this could be ????? Thanks
  10. The cat ??????? ouch !! Can the cat be tested ? Yes it does drink oil, no I havent had a compression test Not sure about the redlining When you pull away, and change gear its realy flat untill you get to 2-2500 RPM
  11. Loss of power, very flat when I change up gear and the revs are below 1500-2000. or go up hill, the power just falls away I changed the plugs and air filter. Had a new air mass meter too I cant think what elce it could be, its got 95k on the clock
  12. Sounds glamorous, but is it any good. Im fairly sure the injectors on my Gen 7 need cleaning. I have used some cleaner you put in the tank, with limited results. I have seen a couple of companys offering an online postal service, anyone used them, any recomendations, or cowboys to avoide? Thanks
  13. Thanks guys Thats one less job I need to do
  14. Hi Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located on the Gen 7 & is it easy to change ? Thanks
  15. Or could it be a problem with the fuel filter. Im thinking I should change this first anyway as it would be a cheeper option ( I think) Where it the fuel filter located and is it easy to check ? Thanks
  16. Chances are one of the screw holes has snapped. I fixed mine with an oversised washer. I used two spanners as it was a nut and bolt
  17. Well i think its fuel starvation causing the problem. Basicly its a loss of power and slugish under low revs, & hesitation noticable as you change gear when pulling away. Its been like this for a while & i have put up with it, but now its getting worse. The air mass meter was replaced about a year ago, & recently changed the plugs and air filter. I put sone injector cleener in the tank and that improved things greatly while the cleaner was going through, but now its just petrol in the tank, its gone back to the way it was. Im not sure what elce it could be Thanks
  18. Hi I think I need to replace the fuel injectors. Is it straight forward to replace therm, any things to be aware of before starting, any special tools required ? Any help or advice would be appreciated Thanks
  19. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me with something. I have an X reg VVTI with the premium pack. It developed a loss of power and the odd occasional misfire, The dealer said it had no faults listed but recommended a new air management meter. The power still doesn’t feel right, but now I noticed that when I put the air con on, it again developed the same odd but now more noticeable misfire. Turn the air con off and the problem goes away. Any ideas before I take it back to the dealer, who will no doubt try to charge me another £45.00 "diagnostic" charge Many Thanks Roy
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